Five Minute Friday – Rest


Linking up with Lisa Jo again this week to participate in Five Minute Friday. I love this because it is just a commitment of five minutes of unedited writing….we can all do that can’t we?? So if you haven’t started this series yet…today’s the day! :)

Today’s word is REST – ready, set go –

Sometimes I feel like I am finding myself in a constant state of stress and chaos.

And it is probably true that in some cases I work best in those situations….but it isn’t healthy to always be on the go like that….always feeling just a little frantic.

Rest – we all need it. But if you are anything like me it is difficult to settle down and take the time to get adequate rest.

My husband used to call me a “piddler” – said that I always had to be doing something…could never just sit and relax.

I have gotten better about that (a little) – but if it isn’t a craft or cleaning…it is now time on the computer …so for me there is always something “going on”.

But I know that God desires us to rest. To rest in Him in those times of worry and chaos. To take time to rest our bodies so that we can be the best servant for Him that we can be.

Find time this weekend to just be still. Whether it is a nap or a time of prayer and meditation, give yourself permission to be a little lazy 😉 and rest.


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    So, so true! We are such better servants when we’re rested. I love how you give yourself permission to really rest. Enjoy it!

  2. Mel

    I’m there with you…it seems like I’m constantly running around doing something, and if I’m doing “nothing”…it’s always with my computer. I love your challenge at the end. I’m totally taking a day off this weekend to find some good time to rest. 🙂 Hope yours is fabulous, friend! Blessings!


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