Joy – Unspeakable Joy

Have you ever heard this version of Joy to the World by Chris Tomlin?  The one that has this in the chorus?

“Joy, unspeakable joy

An overflowing well, no tongue can tell

Joy, unspeakable joy

Rises in my soul, never lets me go”

These lyrics have been playing over and over in my mind recently.  A few months ago I shared about a very dark time in our recent past. It is almost hard to believe it was only a little over a year ago that we walked through that valley.

And going through it I would have never guessed that we would be where we are today. To say I am overwhelmed and full of joy is almost an understatement.

I have been reading about Job and about Joseph (the coat of many colors)….both went through some unimaginable trials. Job lost EVERYTHING (and God allowed it) and yet Job stayed faithful to God. He questioned Him, begged to be released from his suffering…but ultimately Job trusted God. And in the end God rewarded him exceedingly.

Joseph was betrayed by his jealous brothers and sold into slavery. Yes he was the “favorite” son and maybe even a little prideful – but did he deserve to be sold into slavery for years? But he too trusted God and God used that time of bondage to do great things with Joseph.

How quickly I forget – that so many have walked a similar path before me.

Maybe not the EXACT path that we have walked…but one filled with trials and struggles….and lots of asking “why”?!

I wish I could stand here today and say that I walked through our dark times with the faith of Job and Joseph.

Admittedly, I walked stomped my way through most of it, believing that no good would ever come of all our efforts….because it seemed it never had in the past.


But here is the amazing reality of my God friends – in spite of me – He has moved mountains. Things that seemed insurmountable, dreams that seemed unreachable, HE is making it happen and Dominic and I are just along for the ride.

Oh sure we suit up and show up every day and keep doing our best to do the next “right” thing….but the bounty, the blessings that have poured from the start of this new business are not our doing.

It is all God.

We now find ourselves in uncharted waters once again, but are experiencing it with hope and with joy. I can’t tell you how often I find myself shaking my head in wonder just saying “Thank You God – I don’t understand it but I don’t want to take it for granted”.

And while there is no guarantee that these successes will last – we don’t put our hope in that. We place our hope in a God that time and time again, through the ages, has made beauty out of ashes. 

How can you not find and feel joy knowing that truth?! I don’t know what valley you may find yourself in today. Maybe like me, for once you feel on the mountaintop….wherever it is – Praise God. Remember that He alone makes all things possible and He alone should get the glory when He does!

I can say this because as I look back through the past several years, hard years for us, I can now see where ALL of it was necessary to bring us to the place we are today. So with Joy, an unspeakable Joy, I celebrate a God that knew our “present” back then and has been leading us the entire time.

Joining the other dreamers out there today and linking up over at Holley’s – will you join us and share a little of what brings you joy?!


0 thoughts on “Joy – Unspeakable Joy

  1. Mel

    Beautiful post, my friend! My favorite kind of story is one of redemption and how God can truly redeem a situation that looks and feels so hopeless. Thank you for sharing! Blessings on your day…may it be full of JOY! And I LOVE that song! 🙂

  2. Alecia

    I’ve stomped my way through a couple of dark valleys, and your right, -in spite of me- God brought me through. He brought us through this last year of chaos, but this time we chose to trust and have peace through it, HUGE difference in our day to day lives. Great post- with some really good reminders.

  3. Chick Flick Diva

    PURE LOVE. It was so evident in your post today that your love for God is PURE LOVE. You talk about the joy, doubt and fears. You admit that even when you do not understand you continue to follow. PURE LOVE. You are not placing conditions on God but are returning his unconditional love back to him with a thankful heart. AMAZING POST GIRL!


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