The Desires of Our Hearts

Linking up today again with Holley to discuss this topic – “What do you really want more of in your life? Will you dare to say it out loud?”

When I think of what might be missing at the very core of any of my dreams and plans it is focus. If I am honest, I have a difficult time being intentional. This is unfortunately true in many areas of my life.

I have good plans, good ideas….things that I would like to see completed. I am great at starting something and not always so great at following through. Especially if the follow through requires time, or patience.

Here is just one example – Slowly over the past year I have been painting several rooms in our home.  I love finding deals in the clearance paint center at our local Menards and seeing how a little thing like paint can transform a space.

But it is hard work, and isn’t a “quick” job. The last room I painted was our master bedroom. It is 99.3% completed. I started one Saturday morning and painted all day non stop – took me almost 6 hours. At the end I had 1 wall with maybe a 1/4 inch edge that needs to be trimmed out. I was too lazy to tape off the baseboard so I had to leave a space. My brush was soaked with paint at this point and no small line was happening.

So I picked everything up and promised myself that I would finish the edge later that week. That was at least 3 weeks ago. 🙁 The paint cans still sit on our dresser mocking me.

And I realize that this “unfinished” business carries over into other areas as well. Especially in my relationship with God and my relationship with my family.

I am not good about setting a dedicated time to read and study God’s Word. I am trying little things to change that – one being the Hello Mornings Group – we read a set of specific Bible verses each morning and then share a little about their impact with a group of other people.

But I know it isn’t enough. And when I started I was all over the journaling, getting up early, diving in….and somewhere in there “life” happened and the alarm got set back a 1/2 hour and my quiet time is cut short.

And I am convicted of the fact that if I want this space to be God-filled and God-inspired….I have to be spending time with the “filler”. If I want to see the desires of my heart filled – I have to be available to God’s leading FIRST…and how can I hear His leading if I am filling up all of my time with busyness?

And I know that I am not “hearing” my children like I should. I was challenged by my favorite blogger Angie this week when she posted about this very topic. Last night instead of spending time at the computer – Elijah, Karlena and I baked a cake. I had visions of it being this wonderful experience….and it didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. BUT they laughed, and they were made to feel important. THAT is what matters!

When Holley asked us to share what we wanted more of in our lives, I wasn’t initially sure what I should write….but over the past few days the common theme of being intentional has flooded my heart…so I feel THAT is my starting point.

While I have big dreams for this space….I think that God has even bigger plans for my heart, my family and my relationships. How are you more intentional about your time – especially when it comes to your time and your family?

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Holley’s book yet and would like to join us – you can do so here! And please consider joining in our weekly link-ups – it is a great way to do a little writing and meet some fellow dreamers along the way!