31 Days of Finding God – LEAVE

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!


Today’s Prompt is Leave!

I will be honest, I can’t believe that I am here. When I felt the leading to participate in this challenge to write for 31 days straight, I was pretty sure that I would quit half way through. I like to start things and then fizzle out before I get it completed. I figured this wouldn’t be any different.

But somehow God gave me the words.

There were days that I thought I wouldn’t have a post, and then late in the day something would happen that inspired me and I would have something to write. I rarely blogged ahead, except for the 4 posts I wrote right after Allume! 🙂

Before starting this 31 day challenge, I had started the 40 Day Prayer Circle Devotional. I am now on day 51! It made such an impact on me that I started over once I finished the full 40 days IN 40 days!!

I want to leave my kids a legacy of being someone who finishes. (<====Click to Tweet) Even when it is tough. Even when the words don’t come or I am tired or feel uninspired.

God calls us to be a light.

I want our home to be a place of comfort, welcome. I want to teach my kids how to open their hearts to others and to not be afraid of doing the hard work.

There is such a benefit in the finishing isn’t there?

I know there will be times that I don’t finish well, when I am flat on my face asking God for the strength to continue. I hope in those times I can show that it isn’t by my ability or strength that I persevere…but God’s.

I believe that God gave me the words. He made this challenge possible and I am so blessed to be leaving this 31 days with more of Him.

I have found more of God. In the big and the small, and I am grateful.

I leave this month changed. Blessed even, and I thank each of you that encouraged me along the way. Those that stuck with my daily posts and left comments for me, You made this journey all the more worthwhile.

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In Him, Kristin

0 thoughts on “31 Days of Finding God – LEAVE

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  2. Measi

    Here via Five Minute Friday… I’m thrilled to hear that the 31 day journey was such a fruitful one for you, and I wish you the best in continuing your journey.. whether through another intensive in November, or another project down the road. I do feel you’re selling yourself short, though – it is your strength and ability that gets you through. You’re just recognizing the inner gift that Grace gives you.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. Joanne Viola

    Amazing how we got through this challenge – all of us rooting & encouraging one another each day. Goes to show the power of community & encouragement. Kristin, I so share your desire to leave my children a legacy of one who finishes & is faithful to Him till the end. May God deposit into us, each & every day, all that we need to leave them a godly legacy. I will leave you with this verse, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory & goodness.” (2 Peter 1:3). He’s already given us all we need! Blessings!

  4. Sabrina

    Loved your message here, Kristin! You made the commitment and God carried you through til the end. Reminds me of this verse: “He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it…”

    Blessings 🙂


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