31 Days of Finding God – FIRST

Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday! First

Today’s prompt is First!

Do you lead with love first?

This was a question that Jeremy from the Preemptive Love Coalition asked us at Allume.

He captured my attention because he spent time talking about his life in Iraq, what it has been like for their family, whey they felt called there and how they are responding with true hospitality now.

It isn’t always easy to lead with love first.

We get defensive, maybe feel like we are right…we have to change the world and bring people to Christ so we must do that with all the Bible knowledge we have because that is the only way we will win the argument.

Jeremy talked about he would go and spend all day in this coffee shop in Turkey with his Bible and the Quran and a dictionary. Partly he wanted to learn the language and engage with others, but when he was approached he said he went into the conversation with his fists up.

The kind of attitude that says “I know my Bible and I am going to prove you and yours wrong.” {Bam}

But when we approach people fists up, we aren’t showing them an attitude of Christ’s love! (<====Click to Tweet)

If we want to draw people in, we must do it through relationship. Just like Jesus, he entered this world with arms open. Ready to serve, to dine with strangers, to share water with prostitutes, to heal the sick and wounded.

If we have a heart to teach others about the love of Christ so that they desire to seek Him themselves, we have to lead with love first.

There just was so much of this goodness this weekend. I don’t want to forget. I can get so caught up in life and get frustrated and selfish and I forget how much easier it would all be if I would lead with love first.

It is a journey isn’t it?! These revealings can be tough to walk through but hopefully they bring us closer to who God has called us to be!

I hope to share more about  Preemptive Love Coalition in the future but for now wanted to share one special project we were allowed the opportunity to participate in. As an organization they are partnering with doctors and hospitals to give life saving operations to children with heart defects.

For a small $25 donation you can partner with them to make a much bigger impact than we could do here with $25 alone. Would you consider helping?  Find the link here Pure Charity – Patch a Child’s Heart Fund.

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In Him, Kristin

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