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Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!


Todays prompt is Teach!

I had a different post in mind for today, but God taught me a lesson in the moments of today that I decided to share that instead.

Today I woke up with a massive headache. Like the type that started while I was sleeping. I was dreaming that I had a terrible headache and then I woke up and realized that it wasn’t a dream. 🙁 A couple of Excedrine and some time with ice packs on my head and neck and I started feeling a little better.

The boys had haircuts this morning and we made very last minute plans to meet my friend Heather to get our family pictures taken. Our schedules are pretty full the next few weeks and I was worried that we wouldn’t have another time to get them done before it got super cold here.

So we set out to meet her early this afternoon. The kids did ok. They always say they are going to behave and smile but the reality is they only mean that for maybe 3 pictures and then they are done. I think Heather was able to get a few shots where we were all looking and hopefully didn’t appear stressed! 🙂

After the pictures we followed Heather to her home. We maybe, sorta bribed Karlena a little with seeing the horses Heather has. Behave and smile…get to see horses. You understand right?!

The minute we pulled in Karlena spotted the horses and RAN towards them. Never mind the electric fence, she wouldn’t care she just wanted to ride.

Now let me remind you that Karlena is 3 1/2. She has been on a horse one other time. That’s it, but you wouldn’t know it.

Waiting for the Horse

She waited as patiently as she was able for Heather and Ashton to get the horse ready to ride.

Ready to ride

She is a natural. She has no fear sitting on top of that massive animal. She just trusts that it will take her in the right direction.

Happy girl

She liked riding with Ashton, but what she really wanted was to ride on her own. She didn’t want to follow, she wanted to lead. She wanted to be in the driver’s seat.

Being led

Because Heather had taught her own daughter to ride she knew that Karlena couldn’t be trusted to go on her own. So she took the reins and helped to lead Karlena around the yard.

Karlena kept asking why she couldn’t just hold the reins?! And we would reminder her that she hadn’t learned yet how to ride, she needed more training…she needed someone to teach her the way to go.

Karlena wasn’t a fan of this. She thought she knew best even when she didn’t.

Aren’t I just the same in my relationship with God?

I feel comfortable with something, think that I have it all under control, and then try and take the reins of my life back.

But the reality is that God is teaching me all the time. I believe that until He calls me home, I will be learning lessons. The question really is, am I willing to let Him lead me?

Will I trust that He knows best? Believe that God has more to teach me each new day? Or will I be over confident and insist that “I can do it!!”

Yes there are times that “freedom” to run might feel like the best option, but if I stay safe in my Father’s care, listening and being open to His teachings, I can let my hair fall back, close my eyes, and trust that He will lead me. There is freedom in that reality too friends, I have seen it in my daughter.

Thank you Lord for the lessons you teach me when I least expect it!!

Hair back

Eyes closed

May the ride be beautiful for you today! 

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In Him, Kristin

Photo Credit: Denise Carbonell

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