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Thank you for joining me in my series 31 Days of Finding God. Each day I am going to use a prompt from Kate and incorporate that into how I am finding God in my everyday!


Sometimes I forget how much the little things can make a difference, until I experience it for myself.

Last Wednesday I had shared a prayer request with some friends at church. That evening that we were together the group prayed for me and my family. I am so blessed to be surrounded by a community of people that pray with and for me.

On Sunday one of the women in the group approached me and she asked how things were going. It was an open door to be able to share a little of my heart.

Taking those leaps of faith can be hard can’t they?

I would much rather not share any of the “bad” with you, save my pride and reputation and just look all put together.

But the reality is that I am not all put together most of the time. 

Being able to share the difficult and find acceptance is so important. I hope that I will always be a safe place like that for others.

Both of those things really showed me that I was cared for. But then this friend took it another step further and emailed me yesterday…just asking once again how things were and ending the email with “we have all been there at one time or another…”

We can show how much we care for others by just taking the time to make a call, send an email, be that safe place for another to share a struggle.

It makes a difference.

We might not always get that feedback, we might not always find someone who is willing to share the hard things. But if we don’t put ourselves out there as that safe place,  we may miss an opportunity to show someone how much we care.

This experience reminded me that I need to be willing to ask how others are doing, follow up with a call or an email, lift them up in prayer and be that person willing to show how much they care.

Can you think of a time when you were cared for in a wonderful way? Please share in the comments!

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In Him, Kristin

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0 thoughts on “31 Days of Finding God – CARE

  1. Barbie

    So glad we are neighbors at the Five Minute Friday. I experienced His care just tonight, through my Five Minute Friday sisters. I blogged about it. Praying you know how very much you are loved and cared for.

  2. Ginger

    Hi Kristin,
    It’s tough to put it out there for sure. And – it’s a reminder that when people do, we get the chance right then to steward that trust well and love like Christ. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Kristin Post author

      Oh friend – God has blessed me so much with your friendship…and to think just a year ago I was a little nervous b/c we were going to be roomies at Allume and I wasn’t sure if we’d hit it off! 🙂 ha!!

  3. Amy P Boyd

    Sharing the hard things is something I struggle with but I had to just last Sunday night. I had to stand before my bible study group and apologize for a mis-understanding I had of something that was said the week before. As the “leader” of this group of women it was hard to admit that I had been wrong but they were all so sweet. We discussed how forgiveness something we all have to ask for and give time and time over. It was such a blessing just to know they still loved, cared and trusted me. If I had not shared then Satan would still be using it to beat me up.

  4. Beth S.

    I love the reminder here to not only be willing to to take a leap of faith in letting others care for us but to also put ourselves out there and really show care for others. Both are areas I need to work on. Thank you for the needed encouragement.
    Much love.

  5. Maria Marino

    Kristin, every time you offer us your heart in this space with transparent honesty and humility you create a safe place for us to be ourselves too…and the courage to be and seek that safe place in “real life” ! Thank you for that. We know you care, that’s why you write. My prayers for you and your family for where you are right now. And since we’re heading into Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada let me tell you how much I thank God for you! Like Delonna says “YOU ROCK!” <3


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