You Are Not Alone – A Battle Cry!

Not Alone

Once again I had another post written in my head – but God had other plans….

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a post live today by my friend Christine, over at the God-sized Dreams website.

She is taking a stand, grabbing her marching orders, and pressing forward and she isn’t going into battle alone.

We are in a war.

A war for our souls and it is ugly.

As I step out in faith and write here, as friends step out and do the same, we have been under attack.

The enemy is afraid.

We, with our voices united, sharing all that God has done in our lives, are a threat.

Have you felt it? The attacks on marriages and our children….

And the enemy is cunning and whispers lies to me all the time.

“Who do you think you are sharing your faith, when your life is usually one big mess?”

I hear it….and sometimes I believe the truth in that statement….because who am I?

I was asked many months ago to write a post about marriage for another blog. I was going to write about respecting your husband…something I don’t do well, but that God is working on in my life.

And wouldn’t you know the weeks leading up to that time I was the most disrespectful and rude and angry towards my husband…..and the post went unwritten. I heard the lies that I was a failure and I didn’t have anything to offer and instead of sharing about God’s continued and redemptive power in my life, I stayed silent.

Well friends, we can’t stay silent any more!!Β 

We must stand together and fight! Yes this is a war, a battle raging against us but WE ARE NOT ALONE!!Β 

Maybe you feel it today, the weight of your sin.

Well it is time for some freedom – that weight is not yours to bear any longer. Christ took the punishment for your sins and mine when He sacrificed His life on the cross.

He doesn’t want us to live in bondage any longer….oh the enemy does, but if we are living fully in Christ we must live as free people!

Christ has overcome!

We are not alone in the battle – God is with us every step of the way!

Holley shares this in her new book, out next week, “You’re Going to be Okay” …..

“Defeat is not your destiny. You belong to the One who overcame even death, and that means there is nothing too difficult for him.”

We belong to Him. We are His chosen people. We are strong and courageous, even when we don’t feel it because He gives us strength!

My friend, whatever battle you are waking up to today….know, trust, that you are not alone in the fight.

God is with you and I, along with many others, are putting on our armor and preparing to march along side of you to victory.

This is our battle cry – WE ARE NOT ALONE!!

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0 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone – A Battle Cry!

  1. Ceil

    Hi Kristin! I am coming over from Coffee For the Heart.

    What a rallying cry here! I think it’s a worthy call every day that I am blessed to wake and face the day. There is so much out in the world that takes us from the Lord. Even our good intentions end up being grabbed. Just like what you experienced with your husband, all our good gets stolen away if we are not ready.

    I hope and pray that this year will be my year to put aside the things that keep me from God, so this is a great way to keep myself checked. Thank you!
    It’s nice to meet you today too πŸ™‚

  2. Delonna

    The battle has been intense for us all and that only means God is getting ready to do even more. With out swords, we continue to speak the truth of who God is and what he means to us. We keep telling our stories and keep glory to God. We will continue to stand with you girl. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging us to scream our battle cry “WE ARE NOT ALONE”. I love you tons and so glad to be in the trenches with you.

  3. Angie Ryg

    β€œDefeat is not your destiny.”

    Whether it is an emotional battle with someone or the weariness from little boys fighting over a towel (Can you tell what I am listening to right now?!) – this is our battle cry!

    I love this!
    Glad I linked up and saw your smiling face!

    1. Kristin Post author

      Oh Angie – I hear you!! I have a 3 yr old little miss that has taken a liking to hitting people and it is NOT good…some days I feel like I am losing the battle…but we keep on don’t we?! πŸ™‚

  4. Shannon

    Yes, count this chic in! I’m putting on my war paint and gearing up for battle! Kristin, your words are brave and encouraging, and like you I feel the pressures of the enemy weighing heavily on all that is good and real. Sister, I will join your team anyday πŸ˜‰

    1. Kristin Post author

      Mindy – I think it can be hard to remember we are His in the thick of a battle…but He has proven faithful time and time again so I am trusting in that truth today!


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