The “What’s in it for me” Syndrome



A funny little acronym that seems to define society these days, don’t you think?

“What’s in it for me?”

I’d love to stand here and tell you that I haven’t ever suffered from the WIIFM Syndrome, but I have. Whether it is on a corporate level at work, or with friendship building, and even writing and dream chasing….this syndrome has tripped me up on a number of occasions.

That and the comparision game are killers aren’t they? If I am not seeking out what’s in it for me then I am comparing my situation to someone else’s and finding myself unsatisfied.

But this isn’t how God wants us to live.

Selfish and self-seeking, jealous and resentful.

In Holley’s devotional “Opening the Door to Your God-sized Dreams” she talks about what our focus SHOULD be.

“If you chase the Giver, then you will always get what you want in the end – even if the God-sized dream you imagined doesn’t turn out to meet your expectations.”

Oh friends I have wasted YEARS chasing all the wrong things!

From the promotion that will give me status, or the perfect words to fill a blog post – often times I have done it all for me… thanks to God when good things happen certainly, but ultimately to serve a selfish purpose in me not a glory one for Him.

Holley’s words hit me today, I had another post I thought I would write…..but instead these choppy ones are here instead.

God has been working on my heart. A.LOT.

I needed the work too – well I still do, I guess I may always be a work in progress.

Over the course of a couple of years many things that I thought were “important” were stripped away. Things I thought I had control over, plans for my life that I couldn’t see past.

All of them gone.

And for a time I felt hopeless and lost.

But God.

Oh those 2 powerful words!

God took what I thought were ashes and started rebuilding. Rebuilding in ways that were seemingly impossible. (<==== Click to Tweet)

I started to see His hand in every moment. Every referral, every client, every relationship and opportunity.


He has taken my small, shattered dreams and blown me away with the size of His plans for my life and my family! (<==== Click to Tweet)

As I have given more and more over to God He has blessed me.

I don’t do this perfectly, heck I hardly do it well most days…..but when I try and focus on His plan, for my life, my marriage, my career….it all seems to return to me in amazing ways.

So today I often sit back and shake my head at all of it. I don’t understand it, don’t often feel like I deserve it – but continue to praise God for letting me be a part of this plan He has.

Dream chasing can be tough….sometimes it means we have to give up some old habits so that we can grow and stretch.

What’s in it for me today?

The opportunity to give ALL the glory to God.

My life won’t ever be perfect, I don’t expect it to. But I am confident that God WILL be in every detail and I am grateful for that understanding.

Do you love the Giver more than the gift? As we seek to follow our God-sized dreams may we always be pointing our thanks and praise back to the One who made each step possible!

Linking up today with my God-sized Dreamer sisters over at God-sized Dreams. Join us won’t you?!

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0 thoughts on “The “What’s in it for me” Syndrome

  1. Mel

    Sometimes choppy words are the most beautiful ones…love this today, friend. He’s doing some GREAT things…thanks for dreaming with me, sweet sister! (((hugs)))

  2. Valerie

    I loved what you said about seeing God in every moment, every relationship, every opportunity — I can so relate because that is the place where when I say this some of my friends look at me as if I’m a little bit crazy — but I believe this to be so true – -and I’m encouraged by your words today — that you believe it too! Love this post!

  3. Beth

    But God… those are two of my favorite words. Good stuff here. “My life won’t ever be perfect, I don’t expect it to. But I am confident that God WILL be in every detail and I am grateful for that understanding.” Me too!!

    1. Kristin Post author

      Beth – I love that you have a heart to encourage others and are doing that through (in)courage!! I will be praying that this session is one of growth for you and your group!!

  4. Alecia

    I’m so amazed how easily I start working hard to make sure my priorities are in order and before I know it…BAM I get way off track 🙂

    But God…yes two of my favorite words.


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