What a Clogged Toilet Has to Do With a God-sized Dream

Clogged Toilet

This was my view last Friday night.

Everything a woman might hope for at the start of her weekend right?

Our daughter, who just turned 3, has been potty trained since this summer. It was early and wonderful to be out of diapers but it hasn’t always been perfect.

I still can’t say for sure what was (or might still be) stuck in the pipes of our plumbing, but I do know that my husband and son were both gone for the evening and I came upon the toilet that wouldn’t flush.

It wasn’t pretty, but it needed to be dealt with. So I went to find the toilet snake in the garage.

And yes, if you must know, we purchased one years ago and have had cause to use it multiple times. Our children seem to be called to putting various items and too much toilet paper into the toilet, thus clogging it.

So as I was desperately trying to unclog the mess, I was reflecting on the idea that sometimes we too find ourselves in the “muck”.

You know what I am talking about right?

Those times when things aren’t as “pretty” as we would have hoped, or we are stuck and it seems like God won’t or can’t use us.

And we wonder if this is all that our life will amount to? The unclogging of toilets, the cleaning up of messes, the breaking up of fights…..how do we dream in the thick of all that?

Holley Gerth  reminds us that we need to just start saying Yes anyways.

Say yes when we feel scared about the next step.

Say yes when we feel too small.

Say yes when we feel like we are stuck in the muck.

Open your heart, Trust God, and say yes when He calls us.

Does that mean that by saying yes you won’t still be stuck at times? No!

But hopefully we can start to find joy even in the small things, because we know that they are important too.

Some days I am not called to write or to speak, I am just called to unclog toilets. And I am grateful that I can serve my family in doing that too! (<==== Click to Tweet)

When we say yes, with a grateful heart, to the icky things…imagine how it amazing it will be when we get to say yes to the wonderful?!

So say yes….what are you waiting for?

And just so you don’t think I am not given LOTS of opportunities for the “icky”….this happened as I was trying to unclog the toilet (which took over an hour)….

It's Not Chocolate

And NO, it isn’t chocolate – much to my dismay! 🙂

Laugh with me friends and start saying Yes! What a ride it has been for me as I have started to do so!

I am linking up with my sisters over at God-sized Dreams as we discover more about Gods plan for our lives and with Crystal Stine for her Behind the Scenes weekly link up sharing the stories behind the pictures we take  – will you join us too?!

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0 thoughts on “What a Clogged Toilet Has to Do With a God-sized Dream

  1. Laura P

    We have a snake too! And I even know how to use it. That is too funny. I can see all of it in my head- mainly because I have been there. Sometimes it just takes a little push.

  2. Mel

    Yep…and this proves it again. (What would we write about if we didn’t have toddlers?!) 😉 I’ve got a girl completely obsessed with using WAAAAAAAY too much toilet paper so I can relate here! Thanks for the reminder to say yes to whatever He has for me today. 🙂

  3. Satin

    Kristin, I love this: “When we say yes, with a grateful heart, to the icky things…imagine how it amazing it will be when we get to say yes to the wonderful?!” What a beautiful reminder to simply walk in obedience. Every day may not be glamorous, or even seem like it’s part of our dream, but it really is, because every day of life is an opportunity to simply say yes & obey. You knocked it out of the park! Love this! 🙂


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