The Knots in Me

Tree knot

I have always thought that trees have such a unique beauty to them.

Each tree is different, each beautiful in it’s own way. We have a birch tree out in our front yard and I love everything about it. With its knots and bumps and peeling bark, there is something so pure about them isn’t there?

I was curious about what causes the knots that you see in trees and this is what the amazing world of the www. and revealed. 😉

“As trees grow and mature, they often develop knots and other imperfections. The presence of knots is most noticeable when the tree is cut down for timber. Knots sometimes weaken timber, but can also be manipulated for their artistic quality in finished products. Usually knots are a normal part of tree growth; however, they can be the result of disease or improper pruning.” (

Don’t you just love that?

The knots can weaken the tree, but they can also make the tree and its lumber more beautiful. 

Oh how I could relate to that!

I too have many “knots”.

Some may not be visible to the outside world, but my past, my experiences, those things that have caused me to groan and grow have all left a “knot” in my body.

At times all I can see are the imperfections.

And it is true that some of these “knots” have weakened me, brought me to my knees.

But they have also created something beautiful in me as well. They have given me a story to tell, a way to offer hope, a reason to encourage.

My dear friend Lisa, who blogs at The Copper Anchor,  took on the HUGE task of updating my blog design.

I had no idea what I wanted. I pinned some colors and font styles to a Pinterest board but really had nothing creative to offer her.

God has given Lisa a gift of vision that I clearly don’t have.

When she emailed me the graphic she had come up with I literally gasped.

Unknown to her and to me…it was exactly what I wanted but couldn’t articulate.

It was perfect.

In her words as she first revealed it to me…. “And as far as the tree goes…I was kind of at a loss which direction to go with this, so I did the only thing I knew…pray for guidance. And the next day when I was looking for graphic images, I saw it! I’m usually I’m not very confident about things like this, but this time, I just knew.”

God revealed the VERY design that was perfect for me and this space. 

I hope that you love it as much as I do.

As we continue this journey together, more knots will likely be revealed.  I am not perfect, not even close and I have found that when I share my defects here I grow and God’s beauty is revealed.

And I want this space to be about His work in me – imperfections, knots and all.

Thank you Lisa for your beautiful design, for trusting God with the details and working so hard on the changes. I am praying that God blesses you in abundance for all you have done for me!

Photo Credit: Joel Olives

0 thoughts on “The Knots in Me

  1. Delonna

    I love the imaginary you painted with your words about knots. I love the new artwork too. It’s SO YOU. The colors and the warmth – it’s SO YOU! I will confess I asked lisa if she could help give my site a facelift 🙂 LOL

    Thank you for talking about the knots and how they can be turned into something beautiful. Makes the verse beauty from ashes come to life. Thanks for pointing us back to the one who restores us. He is pretty amazing artist.

  2. Lisa

    Kristin, I love this post about the knots. I have so many of my own, but so thankful for the women God has brought into my life to share this journey with. Little by little, those knots are growing us into something even more beautiful for Him, and for that I am so grateful. And, I am SO happy you love the design of the blog! Thank you so much for your encouragement and support, and for making my job so fun!!

  3. Mandy

    Stunning! I am so in love with your header! Awesome job, Lisa. Kristin, this tree imagery is wonderful. As I was reading, I was reminded so much of how much time I spent lamenting that I had wounds…until I read that even Jesus has scars left from His wounds. Much like the knots on trees. Beautiful!

  4. Camille

    I hopped over here from Lisa’s blog today…it’s lovely to *meet* you Kristin. 🙂 And, yes…it’s an amazing thing that the Lord works all things for good in our lives…how precious He is! I think Lisa did an amazing job on your design…how wonderful that it was just what you wanted without actually being able to articulate it! Lisa’s a talented designer…I agree. May the Lord bless you this day with His peace and comfort and direction…He is Good! Blessings, Camille

    1. Kristin Post author

      Thank you so much Camille – I enjoyed reading about your Austin…what a young man he was and now a testimony for your whole family! Praying God will multiply your blessings as you continue to praise Him despite the loss you feel!!


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