Getting it Together – e-Book Review and a Giveaway!!

My friend and fellow “Dreamer” Kayse has a new e-Book available and I was given the opportunity to review it and share it with you!!

If there is one thing that I always feel I need more of it’s organization. From home, to the office, my spare time…..I need to be better about using my time wisely. And I find that when I am organized, I spend less time stressing over silly details and more time enjoying life.

So if you can relate – Kayse’s book will be perfect for you!!  It is a quick and easy read and at the end she provides you with all the printables she talks about so that you can be organized too! 🙂 And for only $3.99 on Amazon – it is a deal!! Also find it here if you don’t have a Kindle but would like a pdf. Same low price!

I haven’t ever had a “family binder”, but after reading this book, and attending a mom’s expo and a session about organization – I decided that it would be a worthwhile investment.  SO I headed off to my local Wal-mart and picked up a few things that Kayse suggested….

A binder, some page protectors, and tab inserts and I also had some old scrapbooking paper left from another project so I used that as well!


Kayse has TONS of ideas for this binder, everything from a meal planning schedule, auto maintenance log to a pantry and freezer log! I don’t want to share everything that is included because honestly I think you need to buy the book for yourself and see! 😉

And it is in lovely colors too…I didn’t have access to a color printer though so I chose to print everything on colored paper instead. Whatever works right?!

What is great about this book is that you can customize things so they fit your family.  And once you are done you will have all that important info in one place! No more shuffling through multiple drawers to find the info you need and know you have saved somewhere (or has this only happened to me?) 🙂

Side note – I recently put some important papers in a “safe place” so I wouldn’t loose them…and have forgotten where that safe place is. Sigh….

Hopefully after going through this process – that won’t be a problem anymore!  So do yourself a favor – order Kayse’s book and get started on being just a little more organized like I am…

Here are a couple of pics of my binder – it isn’t complete yet…but I love it already!


In one of the sections I put the info from the Mom’s Expo I went to this weekend where I learned some fun organizational tips!IMG_5498

I have another section for some of those special papers I want to save – but were getting ruined in my cluttered drawer….IMG_5499

And how about that emergency info that you will probably never need – but it’s great to have it in one place just in case!IMG_5500

With Kayse’s help I am on my way to being a bit more organized!  And now I am off to tackle another “junk” drawer. I will get this house organized if it kills me! 🙂

Kayse has generously offered to give one of my readers here a free copy of Getting it Together!! If you want a chance to win please leave a comment telling me what area of your life would you like to see more organized! Drawing will be held Thursday April 18th! Please leave an email for contact if you aren’t signed in!!

And if you want to know more about Kayse you can find her on FB and Twitter – just click the links! 🙂

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  1. Amanda

    It looks like a great book! I really want to sort through our crawlspace and get things organized — especially various sizes of kids’ clothes!


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