Five Minute Friday – After


Linking up with Lisa Jo again this week to participate in Five Minute Friday.

Today’s word is AFTER– ready, set go –

We seem to be living in the “After”. It is a beautiful and lovely place to be – but it didn’t come without cost.

I was visiting with a good friend the other night on the phone. She knows LOTS of the details of our “before”. She has heard the stories of how broken Dominic and I were. She has heard how God slowly, but faithfully redeemed every dark part. And she is witness to our living free in the “after”.

It is something that I don’t want to forget – because I don’t ever want to loose the gratefulness I feel, but I also don’t think that we need to live in that place any more.  We don’t have to be defined by our “before”…but instead because of God’s rich grace – we need to live fully in the after.

Sometimes I wish I could share all the details here….not because I am proud of them – but because I know personally how God took something hopeless and made it whole. God gave us an after – when at one time we could only see an end. Our lives are a miracle…and one I don’t take lightly.

I live in the after – but it isn’t because I made it possible. The only thing that I did was get just a little bit willing to give up control and let God lead the way. The rest, the after, is all His glory!!

Where do you find yourself today? Are you living in the freedom of the after or are you still bound by the chains of your before? It’s time to walk in the light friends!!

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  1. Celeste Vaughan

    Oh my goodness I know exactly what you are talking about! When you are in the “before,” it’s too hard to talk about and you want to hide. The “after” is freedom, and it’s so easy to be transparent in the after. And transparency is freedom. I’ve had the marriage issues as well (if you read my ‘after’ post from the linkup I touch on them) but my before was addiction. The after is basking in the grace and mercy of God’s miracle healing…from not only addiction, but from 7 years of grand-mal seizures and migraine headaches. So I LOVE the grace of “after!” (I’m at if you want to see my story) Blessings!

  2. Mel

    Praising God for the after He’s given you and your husband! (And your family, too!) Blessings to you, sweet friend…have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


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