Proud Mama Moment – This Was NOT!

** I am linking up today with Kasey (a sweet dreamer-friend) to discuss “Marriage and Mommyhood – finding grace in the balance”.  Unfortunately (for me) I seem to have a lot of “material” in this area…so I am excited to join in today!**

Parenting/Motherhood is HARD. Can I get an Amen?! 😉

Seriously though….have you ever met a mother that says parenting is the easiest thing she has ever done? I have not…and if I did I don’t know that I would believe her!

I think, in the beginning, that I blissfully thought my children would be angels, sleep through the night at 3 weeks, would always share their toys….and the list goes on and on.

Boy was I in for a surprise! 🙂 My first didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3, my labors didn’t go as planned, nursing was awful for the first few weeks and I was an emotional wreck most of the time.

That was my reality….and it wasn’t pretty.

Don’t get me wrong though – my kids are awesome. Dominic and I say all the time that they are the best things that we have done together….they are kind hearted and hard working and caring….

But they are kids – and all kids have their moments….and Karlena had one today.

I got that dreaded e-mail this morning….the one where your wonderful daycare provider has to tell you that your child has hurt someone.  Apparently my sweet princess, 2 year old daughter had pushed another little boy so hard that he hit his head/lip into a bookshelf…was bleeding and now has a fat lip.


And in walks “Mommy guilt”.

Do you know this feeling? The whispers that tell you “if you had been a better mom then this wouldn’t have happened…”, “This behavior is a direct reflection of you”, “How come the other daycare moms don’t have to get these kind of emails?”

Oh that Mommy guilt can be nasty….and if I am not careful I can fall into that trap hard and fast!

So in these times…these not-so proud mama moments….I need to remember that my child is a child of God. Created in His image….

Should I expect them to be perfect?

Absolutely not!! Am i?! (insert lots of laughing and a few snorts here!!) Um NO!

I can use these moments to continue to reinforce the “good” behavior and try and discourage the “negative” behavior.

While I am not proud of my daughter’s behavior today… doesn’t make me love her any less. And it is a reminder to me of how much our Father loves us…imperfections and all.

Motherhood is hard…especially in those tough moments where a situation is less than ideal. But keep at it. There are great days around each corner. Proud mama moments that make you forget all the frustrating times. And those moments are worth more than anything!

Love on your kiddos today and remember that if you find yourself in a situation that makes you want to hang your head….there is probably another mama out there feeling the same way. We are not alone in this – don’t ever forget that!! 🙂

0 thoughts on “Proud Mama Moment – This Was NOT!

  1. Margie

    I love this, and I love that you have the opportunity to teach your daughter grace, because afterall, we can’t give what we’ve never received!!

    so good!!

  2. TeachingWhatIsGood (

    Reality. That’s what we encourage others with in our lives…reality tempered by the grace of God and truth. My eldest daughter dislocated her younger brother’s elbow 3 times and he broke her front tooth. Not maliciously – but by rough housing and a little too vigorous trying to get the upper hand. It’s life, it happens.

    Thanks for linking this up this week!


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