31 Days of Fervent Prayer – Making Room for the “Better”

Fervent Prayer

Yesterday we looked at how our pressures/schedule can keep us overwhelmed, overworked and just too busy. And often this cycle can pull us away from God. So many of us get comfortable living this way that we don’t recognize the damage it can cause. I said that I often have worn “busy” as a badge of honor. I have begun to equate value to how busy I am, not realizing the sacrifices I am making to keep up.

But it is hard to say no.

It’s difficult to have an appropriate balance between our home/work/personal time when there are so many things vying for our attention. And if you struggle with the “need to please” like I do, you may find yourself wanting to do it all, and perfectly, at that.

We can run at this pace for a time and then often times, something has to give. That’s what happened for me. Our work schedule was running us ragged, I had said yes more than I had said no. Dominic was involved in an outside board within the community and I had a commitment with my women’s bible study at church.

All good things. Being involved in the community, good. Having the accountability of a bible study, good. Running a successful business, good. But there are times that God is calling us to something more, maybe even something better.

That happened to us earlier this fall. We were invited to participate in a leadership course of sorts with a few others from our church. It was a 40-week commitment. We knew from previous attendees that there was a lot of reading. A LOT. We would meet once a week for a few hours and then have homework that would need to be completed before the next meeting.

It was an opportunity to grow and learn, develop and define our understanding of God and it would challenge us to take our faith life to the next level. But to do so would require giving up some of the good things we were involved with. In looking at our schedules we knew that if we were going to give this class the time it needed, something had to give.

And so we stepped away from a few of our commitments. I really struggled with leaving my bible study. I love the women in that group. They were there and supported me in one of my hardest times last year. They encouraged me and without them (and God of course) this 31 Day series wouldn’t exist.

It was hard to give up something that I really enjoyed. But I also felt very called to this new class. It was a chance for Dominic and I to do something together. And we needed that too. I think that God rewards our obedience in tough decisions like this one.

This class, while tough and full of A LOT of reading (I am serious even for this book nerd, it’s a mountain of reading!) is growing and stretching me. To keep up with the homework I have set back the alarm again and am back to spending my early mornings learning about God. I am getting back into a routine that is filling me, not draining me.

But it started with recognizing and admitting that I can’t do it all. And that sometimes I have to give up good things to dive into the better things.

Is there something in your life that is keeping you from the best God has for you? Pray over that today and ask God to reveal areas that may need to be trimmed from your life so that you can fully walk in His plans for you!

Lord, so often we fill our days with good things, but we forget to stop and ask You if there are better things you might have for us. Help us to be brave in examining our schedules to see where changes are needed. Lord may we have humble hearts that long to seek You and do Your will.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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