31 Days of Fervent Prayer – Having a Plan

Fervent Prayer

We have spent a few days talking about fear and originally I had planned on sharing some of my favorite Bible verses about fear, but then I had the privilege to walk beside a dear friend that was facing a wall of her own and the way she made a plan to face that wall, through prayer, was so inspiring that I had to share it with you today.

The day was looming. It had been almost a year since her husband had lost his job. The toll it had taken on him and her family had left a cloud of hopelessness  hanging over their home. In the 11 months prior we had prayed time and time again over possible job opportunities, only to see doors close.

It was frustrating and it didn’t make sense.

Not only that, sickness, over and over sickness, had plagued their family. For weeks they battled an illness only to be met with another days later. A little more than a week before the “anniversary” of the job loss she messaged a few close friends. Women who she knew would pray with her. She had a plan and she invited us to walk along side of her.

Various promptings had led her to several different passages that gave her hope that God would do some major restoration for their family on that anniversary date. But she wanted to walk forward in faith and obedience in the days leading up to that date.

She was drawn to Joshua and was committing to reading 2 chapters a day while walking and praying around her home. Claiming the victory that was to come. Believing that God would do more than they could hope or imagine in regards to her husband’s employment.

So we committed to praying for her every day that week.

The first morning I spent some time in prayer and then decided to listen to Joshua 1-2 myself. I was struck that in the first chapter God tells Joshua to be “strong and courageous” four times. Whenever I see something repeated more than once, it is obviously something we should take note of.

When we are standing strong and courageous in faith with God, fear has no place in the equation.

My friend could have been filled with fear and doubt.

Instead she decided to march around her own “wall” claiming the victory she believed God had planned for her family. As we will read later in Joshua…he was faced with his own wall. And God calls him to walk around that wall every day and on the 7th day to walk around it 7 times and shout and the wall would come falling down.

I encourage you to read through Joshua and see what happens next…it’s pretty incredible.

As for my friend?

Well, “Victory Day” came and went…those of us that had marched and prayed and believed with her felt discouraged. The answer had not come as we had hoped and believed. Some may ask “where was God in all of this?”

It is a question we have all asked at times, I am sure. But I felt so strongly that even though the prayers weren’t answered THAT day as we had hoped, they would be. And God’s presence was felt….the prayers were not wasted. It was a time of faith building for each of us! Her son said it best when he said he will just keep on marching if that’s what it takes!

Oh the sweet faith of a child!

I told her on the first day that not only could this be a growing experience for her family, but I also thought that her faith and approach to the entire situation was an example for me…for others.

When we are facing that wall of our own we can wallow or we can march. We can march around that wall claiming victory. We can have a plan to fast and to pray so that we are communing with God. We can push away fear and remain strong and courageous because we know the Lord will fight for us.

What’s your wall?

Whatever it is, take some time today to pray and make a plan. How can you fight the battle in prayer? And don’t go at it alone! Invite some of your faithful friends to walk alongside of you. It is always an honor to be asked to pray for someone else. Don’t face your wall alone!

Lord, we hear Your call to stand strong and courageous. I know that there are people reading today that are facing a wall of their own. Guide them Lord. Help them to make a plan, to march and pray. To claim victory. We thank You for Your provision Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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