31 Days of Fervent Prayer – Assuming a New Fighting Position

Fervent Prayer

We are half way through our month long look at the book Fervent! Can you believe it?! We have seen several ways in which the enemy seeks to attack some of the most important people, places and things in our lives. It seems no area is off limit.

And if you are anything like me, you are sick of the attacks. Tired of letting the enemy run over your heart and your life and maybe, just maybe, you are ready to really do something different.

I get it. I am right there with you!

It wasn’t that long ago that I found myself in my living room, on my knees in prayer.

I have shared a little in the past few weeks about some of my struggles, my unique character defects. And while I know what they are, and I really want to change…when conflict happens it seems like everything that I have learned flies out the window and I am right back to saying or doing something I regret.

It is easy to feel defeated in those moments isn’t it?

And I find myself right where the enemy wants me to be. But that morning I was ready for something different. Maybe you are too?

We have come to the point in the book when Priscilla charges us with 5 challenging words. Assume a new fighting position.

So how does that look?

That morning I prayed that God would work in my marriage. One of my biggest character defects is that I am quick to fight and S.L.O.W to respect. On more than one occasion I have been disrespectful towards my husband in front of my kids. Instead of standing with him I become an adversary.

I can say I respect him (and I do) but if my actions reflect differently, what is most likely to be remembered? So that morning I prayed that God would remove that specific character defect from my life.  I prayed for guidance and tangible ways that I could honor and respect him well.

We won’t always agree…but I can disagree and be respectful at the same time. Well at least I understand it is possible…I clearly haven’t mastered that yet! But with God’s help, anything is possible. I know that nothing is going to change if I am not bringing it humbly to His feet and asking for help.

On pages 86 -87 Priscilla gives several verses that can be prayed over by a wife. Verses she says counsel how a wife should treat, bless, think about and respond to her husband. What if I took even 10 minutes each morning praying over some specific verses about how to be a Godly wife? What blessings could come from that?!

I MUST assume a new fighting position!

Priscilla says this ” Home and families, marriages and children can all too easily dissolve into combat zones – which was the last thing in the world you ever foresaw when you pledged your life to your husband at the wedding alter, when you brought home that bundle of joy from the delivery room. What I’m telling you is this: You may not be able to control all the discord and unwise choices that occur in the various corners of your house or among the people you share a family with. But you can make sure that the only place you engage in combat is in the heavenlies, in prayer, in secret.” p 91-92 

In the back of the book are prayer cards. They can be written on and torn out, and placed in any special place that you have to hold your prayers. I don’t have a “War Room” like in the movie, but I started writing out prayers and putting them inside the door of a cabinet we have in our living room.

I was really diligent about doing that for months, and then I got lazy. And when I let my guard down I am more susceptible to the attacks that come. I MUST assume a new fighting position.

Not just when life gets hard, or I need something…but every day. On my knees in prayer. Prayer for my family and my marriage. Prayer for my kids and the people we come in contact with at the office. Prayer over my character defects and my wrong choices.

If I start my day on my knees in prayer instead of scrolling through my Facebook feed to see what I might have missed overnight, I am beginning my day focused on what God would have for me. This selfish, self-centered girl needs a lot more of Jesus every day and a whole lot less of herself!

So even if you haven’t started yet on this journey of fervent prayer, you can today.

Humble yourself, on your knees, and ask God into all of the details of your life. Write out some scripture that you can be praying over for a specific area of your life. With God’s power and fervent prayer, start reclaiming those broken areas that the enemy has tried to destroy!

Lord, we humbly ask for your help. We know that the enemy has created discord in our homes and with our families. We ask in Your mighty power that those hurts might be redeemed. Change us from the inside. Mold us and shape us into the kind of wives You call us to be. Lead us on Your path, we know that we can’t journey in this life without Your guidance and direction. Thank you for Your Word, may we seek to know You more through it. We pray all of these things in Jesus Name, Amen.

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