Friday Loves

Friday Loves

Hello friends! What a week this has been. I wasn’t sure if I would have a post for you today, but since I haven’t had much to share recently I thought I could at least try and share some more Friday Loves for you!

My first Friday Love is that it is Back to School time!!


Gabe started 7th grade on Wednesday and Elijah (above) started 1st grade today! Karlena will begin kindergarten on Monday so we will finally be back into a routine! Our summer was extra long and I was ready for some consistency back. The kids teachers all seem great and Karlena even has the same teacher helper and classroom that Elijah did, which makes the transition for this mama even easier!

Friday Love #2 is this new Devotional by Holley Gerth!


It officially releases on September 20th and you can pre-order it right now (please do, you will thank me!) Holley has such a tender way of encouraging women right where they are. This devotional is a companion to her book “You’re Already Amazing” and is filled with short readings to fill you with God’s Truth about who He created you to be. As a woman who has struggled for so long trying to “be ok”, this book is balm to my weary soul! Order it today!!

Friday Love #3 – Favorite Blog Post from Anna Rendell


This post from my sweet friend Anna really says it all. For those of us in Minnesota, we are reeling from the news about Jacob Wetterling. Our hearts break for the family and can’t imagine the depths of their grief. Finally having answers, but knowing those answers won’t ever filled the void of the loss of their child. And unfortunately stories like this are all too common…so what do we do? Anna speaks so eloquently into how we make a difference in our everyday mundane. If you haven’t read it, jump over there today. You will be blessed!

Friday Love #4 – Time with family


We had a long, tough weekend this past Labor Day and what started as helping clean out Dominic’s grandparent’s home turned into some unexpected grief with the news that his grandma went to be with Jesus early Monday morning. We re-packed the car and made it to Sioux Falls for a special bed-side memorial with family before the funeral home came. Dominic’s aunts and uncles shared stories and his uncle Tim, who is a minister, shared some words of hope with everyone. According to Gabe it was some of the best words he had heard!

Initially I thought about leaving the younger kids at my parent’s house, but Dominic took the opportunity to share about what happens after death, that we could celebrate because we knew she was with Jesus now. They asked questions, wondered if we could/should touch her and most importantly were able to experience the sacred bond of family in such a touching way. There will be a more formal service in a few weeks, but it was such an honor to be a part of this moment.

We cancelled our Tuesday appointments so that we could stay an extra day with Dominic’s parents and help them can salsa. They had started the process when they got the news about my MIL’s mom. So Tuesday morning we set to work chopping and blanching and canning 100 pints total of salsa! It was hard work, but it felt good to do something that I learned ultimately because of his grandma Ruth’s influence. We all agreed she would have approved. And hearing those lids pop as they sealed was even more rewarding.

I hope that as you are wrapping up your week you are able to see some lovely in your day. Do you have any Friday Loves you want to share with me?! Leave them in the comments please! 🙂

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