31 Days of Seeking Him – Hope

31 Days of Seeking Him

Hebrews 6: 19 “I have this hope, an anchor for my soul, firm and secure….”

I spent a lot of years just holding on. Hope wasn’t a word that I dare utter because I just believed there wasn’t any. It didn’t exist for a girl like me.

Married young and full of mistakes and regret…I couldn’t hope to change, I just believed that we were stuck in the cycle we found ourselves in.

We spent many years trapped in the mire of our mistakes. Too stubborn and selfish to see past ourselves, we just got comfortable being uncomfortable.

And then one day God changed all of that. It wasn’t a fireworks/angels singing type of moment. Just a realization that our way of living wasn’t living…it was leading towards a slow death.

Certain we couldn’t do it on our own we reached out and were just a little bit willing to try something new…and hope was born in us.

Change doesn’t happen over night and I have said before that we struggled to make our way and stumbled many times…but God redeemed and restored. I hadn’t believed it was possible, but it was and I always remember those times as a time of hope.

We continue to have our fair share of bumps in the road. Life isn’t perfect or easy around our parts, but my perspective of it has changed. I know that I need to hold tight to my faith in God through the difficult times.

I can’t imagine going through life trying to manage it all on my own. I am completely and utterly incapable of doing it! But God is the anchor for my soul. My faith in Him keeps me grounded, firm and secure.

I don’t know what trouble you might be facing today friend, but it is my prayer that you would seek the One, the only One who is a sure and firm foundation…an anchor to weather any storm that may come. May knowing that fill you with hope and peace.


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