31 Days of Seeking Him – Whisper

31 Days of Seeking Him

It comes in a whisper most days.

The lies that the enemy speaks to remind me that I am not good enough, I have sinned too often, I have fallen too far away from where the Lord can rescue me.

Now I don’t hear the audible sounds of the enemy speaking…but it is found in doubts and fears, comparisons and jealousy. All things I struggle with. All things that the enemy knows can become a stronghold for me.

I have to fight against these whispers. Do you hear them too?

I recently read the book Fevernt by Pricilla Schirer and can I just say that is the first book I have read cover to cover in a LONG time. The pages are underlined and dog eared and circled and starred.

So many truths that I didn’t want to forget that I am going to have to read it again and again.

She starts each chapter by saying “If I were the enemy I would….” and then writes about the different areas that we see attacks. In our marriages, our children, our schedules.

One comment hit home particularly hard when she said that the enemy doesn’t just use bad things to ensnare us but he uses the good as well. The state of “busy” that I often find myself in…often it is all good things.

A business we work hard to manage, a family that has activities, writing for this space and others. All good things. But if my days are filled so full with these “good things” that I don’t have any time for God….then I am right where the enemy wants me.

The more I do and feel I accomplish on my own, the less I am thanking the God that made it all possible. I HAVE to give Him all the credit. My pride and selfish pulls bring me to an ugly place when I think I have it all under control.

So I try and pull away for a time each day to thank Him. To seek to know Him and recognize that all I get to do each day is because of Him and for Him…to God be the glory in all of it.

Don’t allow the enemy whisper lies to you. If you start to hear them, fight back with words from God truth. Fill your heart and your mind with more of Him so that when the whispers come you are ready. You are filled instead with the whispers of the Holy Spirit of Truth.


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