31 Days of Seeking Him – Fly

31 Days of Seeking Him

In late August we moved our son to college for his freshman year. He chose an engineering school that is 7 hours away from home.

It is so so far away!!

I always knew that this day would inevitably come, but when it did I wasn’t fully prepared for the reality of it all.

I miss our after school chats before he would head out to work. I miss seeing him every day and while I would have preferred he attended a college closer to home, just so we could see him more…I can’t tell you how very proud of him I am.

He has spread his wings and is flying .

And you know what the best part is?? There are some things he is doing that I have had nothing to do with…no influence, or motivation. He is just taking initiative and making responsible choices.

He took a class in High School that was a college level computer science class. He passed the AP exam and the credits transferred but he apparently found out that he didn’t learn one of the things that they teach out at the Mines. So my boy (beaming with pride here) went to his department head and asked if there was anything he should be doing on his own to prepare/learn for the course that follows.

Don’t you love that?!

So now he is taking an extra lab course so that he will be where he needs to be come next semester.

As parents we do our best to train up our children so that when they “leave the nest” they can fly on their own. There will be difficulties along the way…but we pray for them and know that they will come away stronger just like we have.

Isn’t our relationship with God the same way? We seek Him, learn from Him and then we go out into the world and try to be a light to others…we fly knowing that he is there to support us. (Ok I almost typed “He is the wind beneath our wings”…because it seemed appropriate but I didn’t want to break into song here! 🙂

And while I miss Isaac’s physical presence in our home, watching him fly on his own is pretty exciting too.

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