31 Days of Seeking Him – Rest

31 Days of Seeking Him

I don’t rest well.

Sure I can sleep just fine, pretty easily actually. I can thrive on minimal sleep and function during the day. But I am not good at slowing down to rest.

Not unlike our daughter who fights nap time each day, I too fight rest.

There is always something that could be/should be done. Resting seems lazy and in my crazy mind can induce stress because I become that much more behind.

As I write this post I am on an airplane headed to Florida for a short girls weekend and lots of rest.

When I was voxing Gindi about what I was bringing I mentioned that I had packed 5 Tide pods for doing laundry. She called me back laughing saying we would NOT be doing laundry this weekend. We will be sleeping, in the condo or on the beach, and writing and shopping.

No kids, no laundry needed.

Even when escaping for a weekend of rest I struggle with how to embrace it!

So before I left I removed 3 pods. Ok I know I am going to need some work in this area, but it is a start! And as a side I really do hate having stinky laundry in the same suitcase as clean….but that is just another level to the insanity of my mind 😉

But I can see the value in making space in our lives for rest. For taking some time to do one of those things that fills you up. For some it may be much needed sleep. For me it is writing.

For months I have been too busy to make this time for myself. Today as I have travelled I have written 9 posts thus far! I am energized and excited and finding the best way for me to embrace rest. And I am grateful that God is using this time to give me the words.

Tonight I will enjoy a sunset on the beach and marvel in the glory that is God’s creation…and if I am lucky eat some marvelous food too.

Is rest hard for you too? I would encourage you to find some time in the next week and carve out a few hours doing that thing that would bring some rest in your life. Seek Him, rest in His presence, His creation and be filled.

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