31 Days of Seeking Him – Purple

31 Days of Seeking Him

When I think of the color purple I immediately think of Lydia.

In Acts 16 we hear about her. Paul and Silas were traveling through Macedonia and come to a river to pray and meet some women and one of those women was Lydia.

The Bible describes her as “a dealer in purple cloth” (v.14) who was a worshiper of God. She listened to the preachings of Paul and Silas and was baptized, along with her household. (v.15)

And then I love these words…”If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come to my house and stay.”

A woman who is hard working, a business woman who dyes and sells her purple garments. A woman hungry for the Lord with a heart of hospitality.

What an encouragement Lydia was to me as I studied these verses again.

Sometimes I feel guilty as a full-time working mother. I love my family but I also love the business I get to work at with Dominic. We work hard and we love God and our family.

I don’t know why I think I can’t do both well.

Lydia is a woman that was doing both well. She was a successful business woman and had a heart for the Lord and for hospitality.

She served her family and was an example to her entire household. Because of her faith her entire household was also baptized! Isn’t that amazing?!

We have that same potential.

We can work hard at whatever “job” God has called us to, in the home or out. And we can serve God and others and be an example of faith to our families.

Every time I see the color purple I am going to be reminded of this story that I saw with fresh eyes today. A reminder that we can work and serve and seek God with all of our life and make an impact on others.

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