31 Days of Seeking Him – Home

31 Days of Seeking Him

So often the pressures of this life, the need I feel to measure up and fit in, perform at top capacity, be a wonderful wife and mother…all of it becomes overwhelming.

Do you ever find yourself there? Frustrated, exhausted, and just plain done?

I know that I can’t do it all and yet I work myself ragged trying to do it anyway. I don’t like to ask for help and don’t want to admit that I don’t have it all together. I put on the nice clothes and the plastered smile and I pretend that everything is fine and the reality is, I am dying inside.

I set my standards to what I see in the world. I have made this place my home and I am laboring to fit in an environment that I really don’t “belong” to. No wonder it is so difficult!

Every once and awhile I pause though, I seek rest and comfort in the presence of my God. I open up my hands as an offering of myself. Admitting that I am struggling and I need help.

Guide me Lord.

I want my life to be a reflection of His grace. That abundant love that He has poured out on me, I want to be that towards those I come in contact with. I want my home to be a place of safety and refuge. A home where the striving for perfection is left at the door, and one where we are daily recognizing who we are IN Christ, BECAUSE of Christ.

I want to be His. Forever His.

I need to remember that this place is not my home, we are sojourners here. With one job really, how can I make the biggest impact for Christ during my time here?

So my focus starts to change as I seek Him. I am learning how to be brave as the unique woman He has created me to be. How to be a light in my home and my community.

Fully His, all for His glory.

And some day I will leave this earthly body and meet my Father in person and my prayer would be that I would be warmly greeted…”Welcome Home, Good and Faithful Servant.”

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