Mom Confessions – Smiths in Real Life – Part Two

Mom Confessions

Isn’t this time of truth and reality fun? I hope that I can stick with it…because trust me, I have plenty of “material” to share! 😉 And while I would love for you all to go on believing that I have it all together, that isn’t my reality. At all. So I am joining up with my friend Anna over at Girl With Blog and sharing some of my Mom Confessions. Hopefully these posts will be a little lighthearted humor for your day!


In a house with 6 people we do a lot of laundry each week. A LOT. I typically start a load on delay start when I leave at 8am so that it is finished when we come home for lunch. That way i can put it in the dryer right away and it doesn’t get stinky. But can I share my laundry confession. The WORST part for me is folding socks. I will store up the socks in a basket until it is overflowing (3+loads) and then will finally give in and fold them. Why do I hate that so?


Our dog ate our chair. Oh and our other chair and our couch…but who’s keeping track?! This particular chair is one we bought for Isaac for college. Got a steal of a deal at our local Menards. It isn’t leather, just looks semi-leatherish. (Yes I know that isn’t a real word!) We had it 2 whole days and the dog decided to eat the corner. So I bought a kit to try and seal/fix it so it doesn’t get worse. Here’s to hoping it helps. Step 1 was to put on this adhesive stuff to fill the hole…then I will paint on color to match the other material. Crossing my fingers on this one.


Karlena rarely lets me fix her hair. Getting it combed in the morning is a challenge and I have been tempted to cut it short…but she insists she wants it long. On Saturday she let me curl her hair while I was fixing my own…but only for a time. So she went around that day with half her hair curled. She is setting a new trend girls just you wait and see!

Karlena Hair

And no fun Easter morning pictures from my family this year. We were all dressed nicely and attended church and instead of taking a picture when we got home I told the kids to change and go outside and play! 😉 Does anyone else struggle to get a full family picture on these types of days?

Well that’s all for this week friends…hop on over to Anna’s place to see what other moms are confessing this week!

0 thoughts on “Mom Confessions – Smiths in Real Life – Part Two

  1. Sarah

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE matching socks. I do the laundry 90% of the time in our house and THANK GOD for my husband who willingly agrees to match the socks – I fear they wouldn’t ever get done otherwise. When I was in college I kept all of my socks in the drawer unmatched and just wore whatever two socks I pulled out.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Sarah – I LOVE that you did that with socks in college!! 🙂 On the days that I catch my husband sorting the socks is a good good day! Why do we hate it so?!

  2. Anna Rendell

    Oh my gosh Karlena’s hair!! That is too funny and I love her. And I also hate socks. Do you know that there’s actually a store where you BUY mismatched socks on PURPOSE?? So weird but genius.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Interesting about the mismatched socks…although I think I am too Type A to actually wear mis matched socks….it would probably drive me nuts and I would obsess about it all day! 🙂 ha!

  3. emily thomas

    Love this! Maybe I’m a lazy terrible person but let the socks be mismatched and then just tell people the kids dressed themselves if anyone gives me a strange look… 🙂

  4. Lauren

    Ugh – socks. I finally bought our three kids all plain white socks. None of this I can find 6 spider man socks, but none of them match either other. Really?? But I’ll be honest – what I really hate is folding sheets. I put that off forever.


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