When Technology Connects


I think I loved the idea of developing friendships, creating community even at a young age.

My parents would take us on travel adventures when I was little. Driving across the US in our van or VW bus, we filled our time with road games, latch-hook and Sesame Street song tapes.

When we would arrive at our destination, usually a campground, we would find the best spot and set up camp. Back in those days we camped in an actual tent, like on the ground. You know where bugs and bears can get you…ahh the good times! 😉 It was always fun and I have fond memories of those summers with my family.

Every once and awhile I would meet another girl my age who was out with her family. One year a girl from California parked next door. I say parked because her parents had a HUGE camper, and it even had a toilet inside. I was only slightly jealous.

She and I had fun exploring together and at the end of our stay we exchanged addresses and promised to write letters.  

The letters came frequently at first, but then as school got back in session, and life happened…well the letters stopped.

Today, because of the amazing technology we have, staying connected is so much easier.

I have marveled recently at how, through things like Voxer, women from all over the country have been able to develop friendships that will remain lifelong. A message, or a prayer can be shared in moments and suddenly they don’t feel so far away.

Some of my dearest friends are those that live the farthest from me.

A book launch originally connected us, and then emails, a sharing of life and laughter and even at times tears. We start our mornings with a greeting and prayer requests. These women have invested in me and I in them, in ways I could have never imagined even 10 years ago.

While technology can be, at times, a curse…today I see the blessings.

Because of technology, I now look at a map of the United States and realize that even though the States separate us, the gap doesn’t feel too big because with a touch of a button we can leave a vox, or send an email…and we stay connected.

How do you stay connected with technology? 

I’m sharing this story with this week’s community link-up at The High Calling. You can add your voice to the “Technology at Work” discussion here.

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0 thoughts on “When Technology Connects

  1. Betty Draper

    I too love the blessing of being able to connect with people who live to far away. Using face time with our daughter and grand children is almost as good as being there, almost. Nothing beats an actual hug in person talk. Good post.

  2. Kristin Hill Taylor

    I love this! When I saw The Higher Calling link-up prompt yesterday, I knew what I wanted to write. It’s in the same spirit of this post. I love technology because it helps build relationships. I drafted my post earlier today and am excited to link up there later this week.

  3. Beth (

    It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it. I have to say I am rather fond of how technology allowed me to stay connected to my hubs while he was deployed. Of course I love all the friendships made through it too. Maybe I should write about SKYPE though. :))) Much love to you, friend. xoxo

  4. Jennifer

    We share many of the same types of experiences, Kristin, in which technology has been the means to form the bond. Well, technology + Jesus. 🙂 … I’m so glad that God and technology have brought us together. You truly shine!

    Thank you for linking up with us at The High Calling!


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