Depend – My One Word for 2015


Can I be honest with you? I didn’t really want a “One Word” for 2015. Because finding Balance was such a BIG failure for me last year…I just felt like I would be setting myself up for failure once again if I joined in.

For a few days I thought maybe I would choose a word and that would be “intentional”, because seeking to be more intentional with my family, my writing, my quiet time etc., were all good things. Right?!

I even had a beautiful graphic made from a FB friend…but something didn’t seem right.

And late in the hours of the final days of 2014 I knew that God was speaking to me. Sometimes He does that through a thought, a prayer request when I am in the shower….but this time it was through the voice of my friend Christine.

I was struggling with something and asked Christine and Gindi for prayer. They have become mighty prayer warriors in my life. Voxer has been a gift and has allowed us to communicate daily and find ways to pray for and encourage one another.

So this particular morning Christine left me a message with words I felt God wanted me to hear. Where and with whom does my dependence lie in? Is it in things of this world, of people?? Or is my full dependence on God?

I struggle with fear and worry. I let little things become big things, and always assume the worst. When I depend on people, places and things for my security, I often find myself let down. And it is a part of my nature to just take control and “manage” my life on my own…because surely I won’t fail if I handle it all! 😉

Christine’s words hit home because I knew that I had been trusting God with SOME things, but not everything. Can I place my full dependence on God? For everything?

And so the journey this year begins.

To seek Him, dive into His Word, to know Him and try and understand His plan for my life. To give Him my everything. My hopes and my fears, my worries and my doubts. My joys and triumphs.

I want to surrender my control and fully depend on God.

Writing those words are scary.

What path might I be taken down to test my faith, my dependence on Him?

I have a feeling that this year will be one of growth and change, and while it is scary I am committed to seeking the One who has already brought me through so much. In every trial, every blessing, God has been there. So even if I am certain of only one thing right now, it is that He IS with me.

And that truth is enough to start my journey of depending on God in everything.

Did you choose a One Word for your new year? I’d love to hear what it is if you did!!

0 thoughts on “Depend – My One Word for 2015

  1. Jolene

    My one word for 2015 is content. I complain way too often over silly things. I want to focus on contentment this year, and being thankful for all the wonderful gifts that I have been given.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Oh how I can relate to that Jolene! I can be easily influenced to the negative. Praying for you this year that you would see all of your blessings!!

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  3. Mel

    I love the word you chose…I need the reminder, too, that He is always with me and I CAN depend on Him. Blessings and hugs…let’s pray each other through this year and expect Him to do BIG things! Love you, sweet friend. 🙂

  4. Alecia Simersky

    I couldn’t settle on just one word so I went for a verse instead Deut 31:6. I’m sure like the word it will change over the course of the year 🙂 But it’s good one for me to focus on. Many blessings to you in 2015!!

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  6. Janet from FL

    My one word for 2015 is “Encouragement”. I am saying hello from Holley Gerth’s blog link up. I doubt that “Balance” was a true failure. Any effort you made in the right direction, is progress. Each step we take is one step further we have come.

  7. Elise Daly Parker

    Oh our God is so good. And yes He is so darn dependable! I just love Him. Always there when we need Him. I pray as you let go of the reigns God will take you on a God-sized adventure that can only be because of Him. You are a blessing! And my One Word is Push. God is pushing me out of my comfort zone and complacency on some levels. I am praying I would let Him have His way with me…and that I would push myself when He says Push. (Sounds a lot like having a baby, doesn’t it???)

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