When Anger is My First Response


There are times when there are posts and ideas in my mind that I’m really excited to write about. And then there are times like today that I feel God is calling me to write and I don’t want to share the words.

Because if I’m being honest, this isn’t something that I want you to know about.

It reveals a part of my soul and my character that are difficult. Areas in my life that God is working on me, refining me… you see I have a problem with anger.

Anger itself reveals my lack of self-control and the ability to find the good in situations. When my first response is one of anger, nobody wins.

And I can feel it. I can feel myself getting angry and once I am there it seems that my natural response is to yell.

I want to be a place of safe harbor. A place of comfort and trust. But a mama that explodes when she is frustrated is no safe harbor. (<====Click to Tweet) When my kids know that mom is mad they don’t come to me…they go the other way.

It is a harsh and painful reality.

The majority of this post was spoken when I was in the bathroom. Okay maybe that was too much information for y’all…so sorry! I was just getting ready one morning, and I just felt very strongly that these words needed to be written.

So I used my phone and my notes app and I spoke these words into being.

I want more for me. I want more for my children. I want my more for my husband and my friends.

I don’t want my legacy to be one of anger. (<====Click to Tweet)

I know it must have been God’s prompting to read Heather’s post that morning.  In this season of busy I haven’t been able to keep up on his many blogs as I would like to. But for some reason I clicked through and read her post.

Heather was brave and shared her own story of struggling with yelling at her kids. Of putting on that face, that mask if you will, for everyone outside of her home. But not having that same attitude towards those closest to her.

And unfortunately her post struck a nerve because I can relate so well to what she was saying.

So as I got ready that morning I could just feel God convicting my heart.

“I called you to be a light.”

“Yes that light is important when you share it with the outside world. But even more than that Kristin, you need to be showing that light to your family.”

So I come before you broken, stripped bare and humbly asking for your prayers.

I am going to be circling this in prayer. I can’t make this type of transformation on my own. God has to do a work in me and through me. I just need to be willing to do the hard things to see change.

I want to use this space as a place to remain accountable.

You have all blessed me with my own safe harbor. Your words of encouragement and not judgement help me to be more transparent. So it may get raw and real around here but I need to be able to take off the mask…even if just in this space first.

It is my prayer that as I walk this road, God will mold me into the woman, the mother and wife He created me to be. Thank you friends for walking with me!

In Him, Kristin

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0 thoughts on “When Anger is My First Response

  1. Heather

    It is our deepest honest soul caring moments that so much growth can occur, right? I know that, Friend. It’s the renewing of our minds. Amen.
    Go in fully. Renew. 🙂
    I need to as well.
    Oh… And the bathroom “writing” … so do that stuff too! Gotta get it down when He inspires. 🙂

  2. Sabra Penley

    Kristin, I’ve been there. I was that mom whose anger spewed out all too often. And I can’t say it never shows up anymore. But the Lord has been working on me all these years. Thankfully, my kids have forgiven me for all the yelling and demands, but I wish I had learned so much sooner. Praying for all of us to be more gracious, more loving, and that safe harbor that is so needed. Thank you for opening up your heart. May the Lord richly bless you!

    1. Kristin Post author

      This gives e such hope!! God continues to work on us, our children give us grace and we make progress. Thank you for the encouragement!! 🙂

  3. Louanne

    Kristin, you are writing my story. I am a natural “yeller”, and I hate that about myself. Your words today make me feel better knowing I’m not alone in my weakness. I pray and ask God everyday to help me to “not ruin my kids.” Most days I feel like its too late for my oldest but I know that’s just the enemy wanting me to believe his lies and I won’t give up trying to let Jesus remake me into a more peaceful mom. I will be praying for you also and all us stressed out mom’s.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Louanne – you are NOT alone!! Thank you so much for being brave and leaving a comment sharing your struggle as well. I will be praying for you as well and we walk this tough road. Praying for refinement and blessings for both of us! {{Hugs}}

  4. Maria Marino

    Of course, Kristin. I’m circling you with heart-shaped prayers. Of this I am certain : He who began a good work in you will see it to completion. I can see the twinkle in your heavenly father’s eyes for your humble heart broken and bent in His direction as He molds you into the the woman, wife and mom He created you to be. I hope when you look into the mirror you see a beautiful lady who, yes gets mad, but also brings Joy and lots more good things. Some of them the reasons there are such wide smiles in your family pictures. 🙂 You, my dear, are a treasure! Rock on!

    1. Kristin Post author

      Maria – you are such a sweet encourager!! Thank you for blessing me each time you leave a comment. I know God is working in me and I am so grateful each day for his grace!!

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