Well this is a first….

The past few months have been interesting to say the least. With an eye surgery and a packed work schedule, and frankly a loss of words, this space has remained relatively silent.

Earlier this month I started seeing talk about Nester’s 31 Days series. This is the 6th year (yes I am a bit behind the times) that she has been doing this series. The idea is to pick a topic and write every day for the entire month of October.  Feeling a nudge I joined the FB group a few weeks ago but then I didn’t do anything else.

I don’t have a post prepared, or a schedule, or anything….except for an idea that came early this morning when I was exercising. That hadn’t happened much lately either…so big steps here today! 😉

The idea is this.

Seek God, find Him. Find Him in everything. The big stuff, and even more, the small.

So starting tomorrow I am going to do just that. I will be writing everyday (or at least really really trying to do so) and will be seeking God and sharing what I find here. I will also likely be using the writing prompts that Kate Montaung has come up with. She has encouraged the Five Minute Friday writers to join in and write for just 5 minutes each day.

Five minutes of writing each day about finding God. 

So I hope this will be fun for all of us, and would love to hear how you are seeking and finding God!

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0 thoughts on “Well this is a first….

  1. Beth S.

    Sounds wonderful, Kristin. A fabulous topic. I look forward to following along. I’ve decided to join in too but keeping it simple and only sharing on my blog Facebook page. Very informal and no plan at all here. But if we point others to Him, we are successful no matter how it looks.
    Hope you are recovering from your surgery.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Yay – good for you Beth!! I will be excited to read what you write as well, even if it is “unconventional” 🙂 I see my eye Dr tomorrow…4 week test. It is slow, but it was expected.

  2. Maria Marino

    I agree with Jenn, Kristin. You are a very gifted writer whose words have blessed others! So looking forward to 31 days of finding God with you…especially since you have already lead me to Him in the past. Also cheering you on along with Delonna. 🙂


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