Why Your Words Matter

Journal 1

There are days lately where I wonder where this little ol’ blog of mine is going. I seem, at times, at a loss for words…or better maybe words that I feel mean something.

You see I struggle a bit with this little big monster called pride.

I have lots of ideas in my head, things I would like to write about but then if it doesn’t come out easy, or if life gets busy I don’t take time to put fingers to the keyboard. And so this space remains empty.

I feel like if I am not going to write something life changing and inspiring then maybe it isn’t worth it. Maybe my words don’t “matter” enough.

And then a few days ago I got an email from a friend and reader that gave me such a humbling perspective about why I continue to write my story. Yes she said some complimenting things, but even more than that she shared how some of my stories had made an impact on her.

Parts of my story that maybe I didn’t think were a “big deal”….but they were words that she needed at the moment when she read them. And I realized that is why I even started in this world of blogging in the first place.

Reading the words of another, finding strength when I didn’t have any. Being encouraged by the insights of a “stranger”, a stranger who felt like a comrade…someone who finally got how I was feeling.

And so isn’t that the very reason we should share our stories?!

Maybe there is one person out there needing to hear your story. Needing to find hope or peace or understanding from someone who has been there.

We should write for that one person.

Yep, I have a story. Some of it is ugly and frustrating and downright embarrassing. But other parts are lovely and humbling and redeeming. All because God worked in the dirty mess of my life to make it something beautiful.

We share our stories to give our Father the glory and offer hope. (<====Click to Tweet)

We write because our words CAN make a difference. And while they may not grace the pages of the Huffington Post online, or be shared by the thousands, they might just be the balm for a weary soul who finds rest in your space.

So if the words aren’t coming easy, if it feels like all this work is for naught, remember that your story is just that – Yours. And it is a story worth telling.

Only Because of Him,


0 thoughts on “Why Your Words Matter

  1. Darlene Kenyon

    I love reading your words. They are inspirational and for me make me feel I’m not alone. I always gain one new perspective. Your a beautiful writer that inspires me to be better. Hugs

  2. Valerie

    How brave of you to share these honest thoughts! But our stories inspire each other so I’m glad you continue to tell yours — praying for you — don’t stop writing!

    1. Kristin Post author

      I wouldn’t have started here if someone hadn’t been brave before me…I think that’s why we keep going isn’t it?! To give back and encourage?!

  3. Maria Marino

    Would you look at that Kristin?! The comments prove the friend and reader you wrote about isn’t the only touched, inspired and blessed by your words. I echo the comments and encourage you in your God-sized writer dream! Yes, your words and story really do matter. Thank you for a seat in your journey. The view is awesome. 🙂


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