A South Dakota “Bacation” – Part Five

I don’t know that you can take a trip to South Dakota without stopping through Custer State Park. What a beautiful part of the State!

After our pontoon ride on Thursday we were only an hour or so away from Custer so we headed down that way. Our first stop was the Needles Highway.

Custer State Park 3

HUGE rock formations and narrow driving paths make this a fun adventure. Unless you are a over sized motor home who has come to a narrow, one-way tunnel and you have a line of traffic behind you and you can’t go forward, and you can’t turn around. It was a bad day for that family!! (I wish I had taken a picture – they had to close that section of the Needles Highway for a time!)





There were several spots to get out and climb (this mama’s worst nightmare as my kids scaled up the sides of the rocks)

IMG_8184 - Copy

Karlena would have loved to do this on her own!! I on the other hand thought Dominic had to go with her!



The we decided to head to the Custer Wildlife Loop in hopes to see some Bison.

It was HOT and sunny and I think all of the animals were hiding in caves somewhere….thus no wildlife, and no pictures…

Oh wait we saw a smooshed snake in the middle of the road. I didn’t take a picture 😉

On our way back home we were heading through Custer (the town) and saw Scott’s Rock Shop. It was a find after a disappointing bison search. We were probably there over an hour and we spent WAAAAY too much money on rocks and treasures but the kids loved it and if I am honest the adults did too!!

If you head to South Dakota, Custer State Park is a MUST stop!

0 thoughts on “A South Dakota “Bacation” – Part Five

  1. Heather

    I just love your pics! It’s so refreshing and rejuvenating to be able to “get away” as a family, isn’t it? I find myself thinking our much appreciated vacation – first in about 10 years – was much to short last month. 😉

    1. Kristin Post author

      Heather – it WAS so nice to do that!! Already ready for another one! 🙂 Why can’t we be on a permanent vacation at the beach and still somehow pay all of our bills?! 😉

  2. Meredith Bernard

    Love your photos, Kristin! I had a chance to go to SD with my husband a few years ago and it was AWESOME. I would love to go back one day with our children. Thanks for taking me back! Enjoy the rest of your “bacation.” 🙂 Bless your travels…In Him, Meredith

    1. Kristin Post author

      We did have a lot of fun…now I would love to either go to Colorado or Yellowstone National Park….but those are much farther away so we will see what happens! 🙂


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