Five Minute Friday – Mess

Broken heart

Today is the day the writers from all over the world come together for 5 minutes to write freely about one word. Then we link up over at Lisa Jo’s place to share in the fun – want to join us?!

Today’s prompt is MESS

Community can be a beautiful thing. God brings together people from different places and stages in life and amazing things can happen. I have seen it happen in my own life and marveled at how God made a way in all of it.

Sometimes community can hurt though. My heart is a bit of a mess right now over community that has hurt me. It stings when this kind of thing happens…when you feel betrayed.

But I have to remember that this is an attack.

The enemy wants nothing more than to steal and destroy those very things that bring us joy.  When we experience real community and God is given the glory, we shouldn’t be surprised when an attack comes out of the blue…unexpected.

It caught me a bit off guard really…thus the mess of a heart.

But a dear sister-friend reminded me that these kinds of things don’t define me. I can have what would be my normal reaction and run away from community…or I can have a God-reaction and find joy even in the mess of it all.

So I am seeking to find joy.

My heart hurts, but I am trusting God with this mess too. I am discovering that I can laugh because of Him. I can forgive because of Him, I can stop comparing and pointing fingers and just love because of Him.

In my broken but healing, mess of a heart, I say YES to God. Trusting that even in this He has a plan and a purpose. That this is a training ground for bigger things and it will all be ok. It won’t always be easy, but He has promised that He is with us even in the hurt.


Yesterday Kristen Welch’s new book was released “Rhinestone Jesus“. It is an amazing book and tells of her journey of saying yes to God even in the thick of her messy life…you will be transformed by her story of what God did next!

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0 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Mess

    1. Kristin Post author

      It can be so hard can’t it? But it is in these times that if I am willing to seek Him…I come to a greater understanding about who He is and what His plan for me is! 🙂

  1. Cheryl Ricker

    Oh Kristin,
    I SO want to reach over there and give you a hug. You’re right about it being an attack and Satan wanting to steal your joy. I want you to know I’m praying for you today. Praying God will make it right and turn this around for good. I love your heart and I know God does, too. : )

  2. Amy P Boyd

    Community is so beautiful when it works and so hurtful with it breaks down. Learning to trust Him in the midst of it all it the only way. Beautiful post, thank you.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Exactly Amy! The thing I know is that we are not alone in this…it happens all the time and it is sad! Trusting that God has a purpose in all things is all I can do!

  3. Barbie

    Kristin, I’m so sorry you’ve been hurt by community, but thankful you are not letting that stop you from pursuing deep and meaningful friendships. Have a beautiful weekend!


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