Holy Ground


I could feel it even as we were flying. We were entering a space of Holy Ground. Not because of the “where” of our meeting, but rather because of the God that brought us all there.

Each one of us faced a difficulty the week leading up to this trip. From struggles in marriage, the sudden loss of a friend, to health issues and disappointments at work…we all felt that the enemy was attacking us.

Personally, I forgot my boarding pass and my headache meds. I even stood at the completely wrong gate almost missing my second flight.  All of this after probably one of the most stressful and difficult days I have ever had on the office on Thursday.

I had left home with such a heaviness in my spirit. 

We each had similar experiences. Traveling from different areas of the country, and in spite of all the roadblocks, we came. We prayed over flights, we struggled with the fear of meeting friends in real life for the first time.

But we came because God orchestrated it.

He had called each of us.

We were gathering for soul feeding and in my bones I knew that He was meeting us there.

On my way out of town on Thursday I was leaving a vox for Mel, telling her about my awful day…and then I saw it.

A rainbow.

A rainbow where it shouldn’t be one. There were no rain clouds, I don’t know why it was there but it took my breath away.

I stopped what I was complaining about and told Mel that was a sign.

God’s promise for all of us.

I knew we would all be ok. No matter what the enemy tried to throw at us. God had called us together and He would meet us there in Houston.

We each have the opportunity to commune with God. (<====Click to Tweet)

He will meet us where we are. We just need to have willing hearts to seek Him.

The promise isn’t just for us here in Houston, it is for everyone. No matter what your day or week might have looked like, no matter what darts the enemy has tried to throw at you.

Have hope!

Remember the beauty of a rainbow and God’s promise to be there for us.  Enter a place of Holy Ground with Him.

He has a call on each if our lives.  You friend, have been called. Don’t ever doubt it!

We are celebrating His goodness and faithfulness right along with you, as we praise His name in this Holy space in Houston.

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