Even the Little Things


Yesterday was a rough day.

It started out with me waking up at 4:30 in the morning with a terrible headache.

I get a bad headache a couple of times a month usually, and they usually last a couple of days. Typically I can take 1 excedrine, or use a little peppermint oil and it goes away. I have tried all sorts of things for headaches over the years and found many options ineffective.

So when I woke yesterday I took 1 pill and went back to bed for an hour and thought when I got up it would be gone.

But it wasn’t and it was really bad. Another pill, some oil, some Ibuprophen…massaging my temples. Nothing was working.

I reached out to a group of friends that was going to be meeting over the lunch hour to pray for our God-sized Dream team. Each Tuesday several women gather over Google Hangout and pray for the team. It is such a gift to have people praying for you and there is power when they are gathered.

I asked for prayer for my headache. And then forgot that I had even made the prayer request.

Over lunch I noticed that the headache just stopped. I figured that the meds must have finally kicked in. But it was gone and honestly it didn’t return for the rest of the day.  This isn’t typical for me.  When I get a bad headache like this it will come back, it will last into the evening, it will be there in the morning when I wake up. For at least 2 days, sometimes 3.

Last night I got a boxer from my friend Christine and in it she reminded me that they prayed for my headache….at approximately 1:45 EST. I was having lunch at that exact time (CST)….

During the exact moments that my dear sisters were lifting me up in prayer I was finally feeling relief.

When Christine left that message I just had chills.

He hears our prayers. No they aren’t always answered in the time frame that we would hope…or even with the answer we are looking for. But sometimes we see an immediate answer….and yesterday was one of those times.

I am just so grateful.

Grateful that I have faithful friends that are willing to stand in the gap for me and lift me up in prayer.

Grateful that God loves me enough to hear and respond to even the little things like a bad headache.

I am not sure where you find yourself this morning….struggling with a bad headache, or maybe something even bigger.

I want you to hear just this one thing today – God hears your prayers, even the little things. He hears them. It is worth our time to keep lifting them up. And when we see answers – share it with others!

Give God the credit for how He loves us!

Last night I jumped on our FB group page to thank the women who prayed for being faithful. We need to be faithful in the praying, but also faithful in the praising of God when we see the answers come!

God, thank you. Thank you for hearing, for healing and for loving me so much. Even in the little things. I am awake this morning pain free and praising You and grateful for my faithful sisters who stand in the gap for me.

Do you have a prayer need that I can be praying about today? Please leave them in the comments and I will be lifting you up in prayer today!!

Joining my dear friend Holley in her #2014EncouragementChallenge. Sharing words of encouragement and hope each week! We’d love for you to join in on the fun!!


Photo Credit: Zach Alexander

0 thoughts on “Even the Little Things

  1. Beth

    I love how God places friends in our life to provide encouragement and to pray for us. Such a beautiful story that reflects how important praying for each other is and how we also need to come before Him with praise and thanksgiving. Beautiful!

  2. Satin

    Wow this is awesome! Isn’t God good? Know the pain you suffer, from personal experience and it’s awful! I am rejoicing with you friend!


  3. Jennifer Jackson Linck

    I used to get horrible headaches like you are describing. I can remember one night just laying on the couch praying for relief and God sending it. If was a major faith moment.
    Today I’ve been super thankful for the online community of women who pray for me and who I pray for. It’s such a privilege, isn’t it?

  4. Jacqui Hodges (

    Kristen-Isn’t the Lord amazing! Always surprising us with the way he cares so deeply for us. I love it that you reached out to your community of friends. I have just,within the last year, really made myself vulnerable and asked other women to pray when I have desperately needed it. Being along is a lie the enemy tries to use to keep women in a desperate place. Thanks for linking up with Holley.

  5. Maria Marino

    Isn’t it wonderful how the miracle of that answered prayer didn’t end with curing your headache Kristin? It continued when you shared your ‘little thing’. Here we are encouraged and reminded that God hears our prayers , every single one. Your story pours hope into every situation and beautifully reminds us to lift each other up in prayer and thank our loving Father when He answers them. Thank you for touching my heart again today.


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