The “Herd” That Surrounds Me

Water Buffalo

My dad has been to Africa several times for various mission trips. Several years ago he brought back the African buffalo figurine picture above. I was dusting our shelves at the office tonight and saw this and was reminded of this story.

During his last trip there he told us that he saw it and he thought of my husband. (Ok not in that way…stick with me here!) 🙂

At the time Dominic and I had been through some really tough years. TOUGH years that almost broke us….but as we started to walk in faith a little we found ourself surrounded by a group of friends that were a huge support and impact on us.

We spent time with these friends each week, found encouragement, learned how to laugh again and trust in others.

They were our “herd”…our tribe. And my dad was the first one to make the connection between the African buffalo’s behavior and that of our friend’s.

Apparently the African water buffalo displays some interesting behavior within their herd. If they are being chased by a predator, the herd will stick closely together and make it hard for the predator to pick off one member.

The weaker, smaller members are surrounded and kept in the middle and if a member of the herd issues a distress call, the other members will respond and try to rescue anyone who needs help.

They look out for one another, they support and protect each other and respond when there were times of distress.

Just like the tribe of friends that surrounded us in our times of need.

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t had those remarkable people in our lives. I am ever grateful that God allowed us to experience that kind of friendship.

Today I have the gift of a new “herd”. (And girls I mean this in the nicest, most fashionable way) 😉

I have found myself surrounded by wonderful women of God who encourage me, pray for me and cheer me on.

When I have felt the attacks of the enemy, I know I can go immediately to my tribe. They support me and cover me with prayer and they never let the weakest of us fall outside of the protection of the circle.

I hope that if you are reading this, you too have felt the support of a tribe like this.

That figurine in our office will always be a reminder of this gift that God has given us throughout the years. While some of the people have changed, the blessings they have been to us are immeasurable.

My prayer this week is that you too will feel the comfort of your own herd, a tribe that is God-picked just for you.

Each week I am joining the lovely Holley Gerth in her 2014 Encouragement Challenge. If you want to join in on the fun hop on over here.


0 thoughts on “The “Herd” That Surrounds Me

  1. Shelly Miller

    It is truly a gift to have a community, herd, tribe surrounding you and your family. I’ve been with and without it and now believe that I could live anywhere as long as community was part of the equation. Lovely meeting you through Holley’s link up.

  2. Shannon

    Kristin- It’s always a pleasure to visit your words. Today it got me thinking about my own “herd” and how much I have been missing them and what they mean to me. A precious reminder of how that circle of people can bring glory to God for all that they represent.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Shannon, I understand the missing!! I am so grateful for the women God has placed in my life but I will be honest, it is hard that none of them are here and close for bonding time in person!!

  3. Beth

    I’m thinking your dad is super awesome! 🙂
    When my husband and I were going through are hardest of times we were not Christ followers and I felt to isolated and alone. I’m so grateful for the “herds” that surround us now through the good and the bad.
    Blessings to you, Kristin. It’s always a delight to come visit you.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Beth, He is super awesome! 🙂 And YES so grateful that God places people in our lives during those times that can show us what God’s love looks like!

  4. Maria Marino

    You know, I’ll look at. a buffalo the same way again, Kristin! 🙂 I’m so glad I stopped by and “herd” your story. It touched my heart and reminded me of the precious gift of the tribe who has been there for me. I thank God for them and you for sharing.

    1. Kristin Post author

      I know right?! 🙂 Thanks so much for your encouragement and always supporting my writing with tweets etc! It really means so much to me!

      1. Maria Marino

        The encouragement and support is in thanksgiving – if I don’t tell you how will you know your writing is making a difference? 🙂 My pleasure sharing it. That way my blessing blesses others…and extends the ‘riches of his love’ tribe far and wide. Thanks Kristin. God bless you!

  5. Chelle

    I love this image and this piece. You are my tribe. I was telling someone just today that only God could have knitted us all together so tightly and so well, for such a time as this. Just the right words, girl. God poured them into you and you pour them out over the world.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Chelle I am so glad that you are one of the women I think of when I think of my tribe!! I am blessed by you and grateful for God’s provision in putting us on the same path!

  6. Holly Barrett

    That’s a great analogy! Like you, I’m grateful to have some women in my herd who do the same for me. Thanks for encouraging us all to look out for one another.

  7. Vanessa

    LOVE this. I’m always thinking about how to build me herd. Does that make sense? I mean, it is truly difficult to find them! People are so busy. I know so many people, yet do I have a herd? Nope. It’s tough. This is a good reminder to pray specifically that God would place those people in our lives. We need it. Everyone does.

    1. Kristin Post author

      Oh Vanessa I know it IS hard! I am so grateful for each relationship I have built online…women I wouldn’t want to do life without but it would be so wonderful to have that close to home as well!!


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