When Everyone Around You Seems to be Chasing Dreams…..

Cheerleader 1But you aren’t.

Have you been there?

Have you stood on the sidelines, secretly praying that your dreams would just happen already, and watching as it seems like everyone else around you is having their time.

It can hurt can’t it? At least it has for me.

I have struggled with jealousy for years. It started at a young age when a neighborhood friend always came to school in the newest Esprit and Guess fashions and I only had the knock-off brands.

It grew when I worked really hard to make the cheer leading team as a freshman and watched as my friends were chosen and I was not.

As a wife it worked its way out in the form of jealous comparison to others and their marriages. And as a mother, feeling as though my children didn’t sleep as well as, or potty train as quick as another mothers’.

In the online community it can present itself in jealously over a viral blog post or the number of subscribers that someone else has.

However it may look for you, at some point we find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and when seeing our deficiencies, become jealous.

Jealously steals joy. (<==== Click to Tweet)

It robs us of our ability to see the good in our own lives and makes it nearly impossible to celebrate freely with another’s success.

Join me over at God-sized Dreams to read the rest of the story!

Photo Credit: Beth Scupham 

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