Five Minute Friday – Small


Linking up again today with Lisa Jo to join in the fun of writing for 5 minutes.

Today’s word is SMALL!

I often feel small, insignificant…unable to make a real difference in the world.

While I want to make an impact for the Kingdom, I am not traveling to Africa to work in the mission field, I’m not speaking at conferences or writing books. How can I possibly make an impact when I am “just” a wife and a mother.

And then God uses His Word, His stories, to remind me that there are so many seemingly small people that He has used throughout history to do His will.

Mary was just a teenager.

Gideon was just a farmer.

David was just a shepherd.

Each of these people lived small, normal lives – until God called them to much greater things.

I believe that God has greater things planned for each of us.

For some of us it may mean that we work really hard to help support our family – and to our kids, our spouse, we are a hero.

Some of us will travel to other countries spreading love to orphans, the getting there will take faith and hard work as well…but when we follow God’s plan we will see the impossible become the possible.

Recently God has asked me to share some difficult stories, to test the boundaries of my comfort zone, and to take my small and difficult past and use it for His glory.

Whatever it is that He has called you to, don’t believe for a second that it isn’t important!

Friends you have a story to tell.  The enemy may try and tell you that those stories don’t matter, that you can’t make a difference because you are too small and insignificant.

But hear me on this – God want’s our hearts humble so we can serve Him.  He uses the small, the “just a” kind of people and makes mighty things happen for His Kingdom.


Philippians 4: 13 (ESV) “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” 

0 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Small

  1. Kathy

    I recently had a challenge in my (in)courage FB group–what punctuation mark would you be? I chose the comma, because I felt small, insignificant, and not sure where I belonged. Thanks for the reminder that God can use commas, too!

    1. Kristin Post author

      I wouldn’t consider your place in our family small or insignificant at all mom! 🙂 I can understand not knowing the “place” that we belong though….I still struggle with that…maybe it is because ultimately this is not our home??

  2. Beth

    I am with you. I want to be used to glorify God and make a difference in this world. Aren’t we blessed to be alive during this time with the ability to share on our blogs? We never know the range of people we might touch.

    Thank you for the reminder of those who have gone before us — just simple people who changed the world.

    Many blessings to you!

    1. Kristin Post author

      Oh Beth I totally agree…our mission field doesn’t have to be Africa…while it is for some, some of us can make that impact right here online! I love that about today’s technology!!

    1. Kristin Post author

      Yes Elaine!! Sometimes being in the right now is tough….we just need to keep praising God for all the little blessings and miracles! And prayers for courage when we do have to step out of that comfort zone! 🙂

  3. ~Karrilee~

    Love this… how often do we give in to feelings of small, when every single one of us are called to greatness! (It’s just that Greatness always looks a little different in the Kingdom of God!)

    1. Kristin Post author

      Oh it does, doesn’t it? Someone once told me that if my story made an impact on just 1 person for the good of Christ than it was worth it…I forget that too often!!

  4. Amanda

    God’s greatest works are through the smallest events, people, and places. I think of David before his fall…a kid, a shepherd kid at that but God saw so much more. I feel small too but man am I living a big life of loving every gift God grants me!!!


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