Are You “Good Enough” to Fulfill A God-Sized Dream?

Glow Sticks

I yelled at my kids tonight. I got frustrated and irritated and I snapped at them. Over glow sticks.

As I sat down to prepare this post, I got angry at my kids and lost my temper. I was focused on what felt was important at the time, and I honestly just wanted them to go to bed.

Instead they wanted glow sticks. So I got angry and I lost it.

I wanted to come before you today in my best outfit, with perfect hair and just the right words…and instead I am here a broken sinner. A woman in need of grace.

How can I possibly be an example here when I don’t have it all together?!

Have you ever felt that way?

Unqualified and ill-equipped?

Maybe, if you are anything like me, you feel like God can’t use you if you aren’t “perfect.”

I am sharing my story over at God-sized Dreams – would you join me over there for the rest of the story?!

Photo Credit: Lucky Lynda

0 thoughts on “Are You “Good Enough” to Fulfill A God-Sized Dream?

  1. Sarah E

    This may come out wrong, but I’m thankful you don’t have it all together! Because if you did, you wouldn’t need His grace. Right? When I get frustrated with myself and how I let my sin overtake my attitudes with my kids {or Kev for that matter} I try to remind myself that I WANT my kids to see His grace. Not that I want them to see my flub up repeatedly, but hopefully when I ask forgiveness for raising my voice they will see His grace in me. Thanks for sharing and being real about the times you don’t have it all together! 🙂


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