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I am linking up with Lisa Jo again in 2014 for Five Minute Friday.  A time when we commit to writing for just five minutes, and then link up with a community of writers who are doing the same. Will you join us?

Today’s word prompt is: FIGHT

The fight for control has always been something that I have struggled with.

I have this delusional belief that I actually have control of my life at times…that I can manage it all and don’t need God showing me the way.

During these times I am typically faced with an “opportunity” to test that belief and it usually brings me to my knees once again in surrender.

You would think after so many times around the ring I would give up the fight?!

But I am stubborn by nature, hard headed for sure, and there always seems to be some fight left in my.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I was working on some plans, considering how I would be a part of a few different things that I had agreed to earlier in 2013. Things that I am passionate about and want to be involved in.  Things that I have felt called to and have a heart for.

But yesterday, in the middle of all my planning, I felt God say “NO”.

I can’t say I often have such a strong feeling about things like I did yesterday. I know to some it may sound crazy but it felt like a weight, for just a moment, on my chest. NO

I wanted to fight it, wanted to protest and say that there is a way to manage it all. I’ve got this thing covered God – don’t tell me No!

But as strong as I felt the No, I also felt that fighting it would be disobedient. And I didn’t want the fight…I wanted to listen.

And so I sent a few messages to a few wonderful ladies telling them that I had to take a time away.

There is freedom in giving up the fight for control. I’ve felt it. And while I don’t necessarily agree with the No, I have accepted it and can live in the freedom.

That is glorious indeed!

Do you struggle with the fight for control??

0 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Fight

  1. Joanne Viola

    Saying “No” can be so difficult. I often am left wondering what I will miss out on by not participating in something. But I am learning that when God leads me to say “no” & I obey, in time He brings a greater “yes”. Does that make sense? If I had not passed something up, I would not have had room in my life for the opportunity He brings. How exciting for you to see what God brings your way! I visited from Five Minute Fri. this morning. Oh & since it’s the 1st one – Happy New Year!!!

    1. Kristin Post author

      That is exactly it – I am worried that I might miss out on something if I don’t participate…and as a former nerdy girl who was always on the outside looking in…I guess I still have those same worries!! I am trusting that God will bring the best instead of the better that I think some things might be!

  2. Mary

    Yes. Yes I do struggle with that. For some strange reason I feel “safe” when I’m in control – but it’s just an illusion. A nasty trick of the enemy. This was a great take on “fight” – I loved your thoughts here. Congrats on learning to rest. You’ll never regret it!

    Here from FMF. Happy New Year!

  3. Barbie

    I needed to read this today. I have always been one to need to be in control, especially over my home life. Learning to give that up to God, because He truly knows best, has been a fight, but I am thankful that through Him I will be victorious!

  4. Alecia

    Love this. I’m such a control freak myself and sometimes it’s most difficult to not be in control. I also struggle with saying “no” as often as I should for various reasons. I am so wanting to be involved in this new life of mine that I often over do it.


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