2013 – A Year in Review!

I can’t believe that 2013 is almost over! What a whirlwind of a year it has been.  A year ago I didn’t know that I would be working full time with my husband. I had just started this little blog and I had no idea what a life changer it would be to have been chosen for the God Sized Dream Team.  And there were several beautiful women out there that I hadn’t yet met and I had no idea that they would become life long friends in the course of 2013.

God has been moving for certain.  And while my faith often waivers and I sometimes question why God has me in a specific place at a specific time….I can look back on the past year and see how His hand has been in every detail of my life.  It hasn’t been an easy year, or a perfect year but it has been filled with so many unexpected blessings that I am grateful for the journey.

So I thought it might be fun to recap some of the favorite posts on my blog from this past year….

I started out 2013 by sharing what, at the time, I thought my God Sized Dreams for the year were. God Sized Dreams for 2013.

I shared a post about what got me started blogging in the first place when I posted The Beginning of the Story.

I studied a little bit about Paul in the Hello Mornings challenge and was reminded that God uses us even when we don’t have it all together. He Calls the Broken.

I shared an important lesson that I learned from my daughter on one very long and miserable road trip…in The Buckle.

I had a chance to read a little about Hannah in the Bible and was struck by her amazing faith and shared why I wanted A Heart Like Hannah’s.

Who knew that something as simple as a harmonica could teach me a lesson this year, but Karlena has a way about her and when she was playing her Angry Harmonica, well I was reminded that I bear the sin of anger way too often and it is something that I need to constantly be laying at the feet of the cross.

In Those Who Have Gone Before Us, I shared about my experience with infertility and miscarriage and how faithful, brave women that had also walked a similar path had been an encouragement to me…and that because of them I was hoping to some day pay it forward.

It isn’t always easy to find joy. Sometimes I am stubborn and won’t open my eyes to the blessings right in front of me, and other times I am walking in abundance – regardless of where you are today are you finding Joy – Unspeakable Joy?

I struggle with fear in so many areas and I shared about it here. When Fear Overwhelms.

I wanted so badly to be a cheerleader in high school and wasn’t ever given the chance. Now God has redeemed that in a unique way – A Different Kind of Cheerleader.

It isn’t fun to share the difficult times, it is easier to forget really. But in sharing about The Darkest Hour in my life I was able to see how God has redeemed my life in so many ways!

I shared a story about the power of prayer and the hope that The Three Coins my mom brought me from Greece represented in my life.

Well there you have it!! Some of the top posts here in 2013.  My prayer is that 2014 will bring more dreaming and seeking God in all of the minute details of my life.  I am so very grateful for each of you that come here and share life with me. Many of you have become IRL friends and others – well it is just a matter of time! 🙂  Until then, thank you for loving on me here and have a blessed New Year!

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