Undivided Mom – E-Book Review!

I am excited to share a new book with you today from my friend Kayse. Kayse is a wife and a mother and God has been working in her heart recently and she has written a 14 day devotional Undivided Mom to help mothers “find Christ in the midst of the chaos of motherhood”!


As a wife, mother and a woman that works full time outside of the home I struggle with balance. It can be difficult to carve out time for me, time for studying God’s Word, time for my kids and my husband.

I know that I don’t handle the balance well – but I am seeking ways to do this better. One of the things I do in the mornings is spend some quiet time reading the Bible and other devotionals. It helps me begin my day right and usually encourages a better attitude for the day.

I was given an advanced copy of this new e-book devotional and started including it in my morning routine.  What I like about this book is that it is a quick and easy read – but challenging and encouraging.

Kayse is in the “thick” of motherhood and knows how challenging it can be. But she uses stories from the Bible and her own life experiences to help encourage other mamas to spend their time wisely  and have the right focus on and for our kids.

In her own words she challenges us to see where our heart is at….

“Are we anxious and worried about everything that we “need to do”, so distracted by serving that we forget to consider those we serve? Or are we concerned with the “one thing” that trumps all others?

Jesus has called us to be wives and mothers, yes. But first and foremost, He has called us to Himself! He desires our hearts more than our service. If we’ve got our hearts in the right place, everything else is secondary.”

And this gem of wisdom….

“Let’s be sure to communicate to our children that they are the ones we value before all else. That they are deserving of our time and attention. That they are loved, not only by us, but by the God who is never distracted and always available.” 

I can’t give away all the goodness though! You need to read it for yourself! And as a part of her launch party she is offering 20% off both of her e-books with code UMLAUNCH20! Coupon code will expire on October 13th.

And to add to the fun please check out Kayse’s launch post that has a Huge giveaway included!!

Do you struggle with finding balance?

Undived Mom

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