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Linking up with Lisa Jo again this week to participate in Five Minute Friday.

Today’s word is STORY– ready, set go –

For many years I lived angry about how the story of my life was playing out.

Bitter about the trials and disappointments, only seeing what was unfair and constantly comparing myself to every one else’s joy…my life felt like a defeat.

I wanted a story that was “normal”.

I would cry out to God to change my life, make it easy, make it better and I couldn’t see, I wouldn’t see that each trial was making me stronger. Causing me to rely on God and building a foundation of faith.

I wanted the easy route and I didn’t get it.

Today I stand with a different view. I can see how God was shaping my story. Molding me so that my story is less about me and more about Him.  It isn’t the way that I wanted initially, this refinement process isn’t one that I would have chosen. But I can finally see the beauty that has emerged.

And I am grateful.

I don’t know that I do “normal” well, and I am not sure that I even know what that is!

And that is ok. Each of us walks a different path, God has a story planned out for all of us. Some get to walk the easy a little longer than most. Some trudge through the difficult on a daily basis.

But I have become convinced that each path is a walk that can bring us closer to God and when we seek Him, lean into Him during the journey we will see a story emerge that is one of beauty and blessing because of Him.

And that my friends is a story that needs to be told!

0 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Story

  1. Mel

    Agreed…normal is overrated, whatever that is. 😉 Isn’t God so good to take our pieces, and often messy ones, and make something beautiful out of them? So blessed by you and the way He’s using you in my life, sweet friend! Have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

  2. Alecia

    Yes, what is normal?! There’s never been anything normal about my life or the way things have worked out. I used to crave and want normal so bad, and then realized there is no normal. We all have our different lives and paths..and that’s ok!!

  3. Ceil

    Hi Kristin! I am coming over from FMF.

    I love the faith that just sings out of your post. Wisdom like that usually takes a long time to come, and here you are at such a young age…very inspiring to me.

    So lovely to meet you today!


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