When I almost missed it…..

Earlier this week one of my fellow sisters and GSD’s, Christine, asked if anyone in the group wanted to gather together via video chat to pray for our team.

I have felt and seen the power of people praying together and so I said I would join in. It was over my lunch hour time – so it was perfect.

And then I started to panic.

I wasn’t sure how to get the Google Hangout dealie to work, and the more I thought about it I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get it to work.

I mean these are all amazing ladies that have become friends….but wouldn’t it be weird having our faces all on the screens, and what if I prayed wrong or something like that.

I figured that a technology “fail” was as good as an excuse as any – and worked a little later past noon than planned….thinking I would bail last minute.

But the Holy Spirit nudged me ever so gently and I rushed home and got the plugin installed on my laptop. And I waited. I was invited to the “meeting”…but didn’t want to be the first to join.

Which is so counterΒ intuitive….haven’t I always longed to be “picked”…to be part of a group – even since I was a young girl….and here I was potentially letting this opportunity pass me by?

I know…I have issues! πŸ™‚

So with all the courage I had in me I hit “Join”….and there we all were. 10 of us (11 if you count Delonna who had legitimate computer problems – not made up ones like I did)

And then it happened….

Christine started us out and we all took turns praying. (Side note – I was maybe obsessing just a little about if I should close my eyes or not….I’m sure you can understand??!!)


It really was amazing. Women connected, through this little group called the God Sized Dream Team, united in prayer for our team and one another…sharing our struggles and lifting them up.

God moves, He hears and it was felt!

And I almost missed it out of fear.

After it was done and we had gone about our day a message feed appeared on FB – sharing our thanks for the time together….and you know what? Several people felt the same as I had…afraid of what to expect…one sweet friend (I won’t name names) said she was going to use the excuse of cleaning her basement to avoid this time…. πŸ˜‰ (I LOVED that btw)

All because the enemy was attacking each of us in our own way…..telling us we had something to be afraid of….when really he was the one afraid.

Because there is power in numbers and God heard us yesterday. He was present and I won’t miss it again because of fear!!

Has there ever been a time where you missed something because of fear? Stand in the truth today friends and fear no more!!

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  1. Amanda

    I love your example of trusting in the Lord instead of listening to those fears! I think fears get me down more than I even realize — but the one time I really remember is last year before inRL, I almost missed out because my “usual” babysitters were busy and I didn’t want to call around. But I found someone, ended up going, and God blessed me SO much by reconnecting me with Anna, who eventually turned out to be our (in)courage group’s co-leader and a dear friend. πŸ™‚ Yes, be bold, sweet Kristin!

  2. Laura Rath

    What an incredible experience you had! I saw the original prayer request and was interested, but knew I was going to be in meetings all day yesterday. (1st day back after being out of the office for over a week.)

    I know there are many times fear has kept me from doing something, but I distinctly remember registering for the Jumping Tandem Retreat last Oct. 1, and having a moment of panic and wondering if I should back out. I’m so thankful I didn’t let fear stand in the way that morning!!


  3. Kathy

    Oh, Kristin–we are so alike it is scary! Years ago, as you know, I started attending Christian Woman’s Club. I was shy and had several big fears–calling someone I didn’t know (really calling anyone, even for a dentist appointment), speaking in front of a group, and praying out loud. Guess what God called me to do? First–be the telephone chairman. I had to line up ladies (strangers, mind you) to call everyone who had attended a meeting, get their reservations for the current month, get return calls for an accurate count, and call the restaurant to tell them how many ladies they would need to cook for. I learned very quickly that I had to put on a happy voice every time I answered the phone! How “Christian” was it to answer with a grumpy HELLO–even if I was at my wits end with one of you kids? As a chairman, I also had to attend a monthly prayer circle, and had to learn to pray (out loud!) for all aspects of the meeting and for every attendee. Next, God asked me to be the Speaker chairman. Now I not only had to call strangers to ask them to speak to the group, but I had to sit at the head table, eat with everyone looking at me, and introduce the speaker and cleverly promote the next month’s Meeting. I look back and see how God was preparing me to teach. How would I have ever had the courage to stand in front of a group of adult students and teach them about the art and science of nursing without this experience?
    The last few days I have been having second thoughts about coming on Saturday for the (in)RL event. I have been reading (in)RL blogs and learning about Hello Mornings, and it seems so aimed at young women that I felt I wouldn’t fit in. Now I think that Satan is putting old fears back in my mind to keep me away.

  4. Mel

    It was so great to see you there yesterday…I loved seeing so many of our sisters and hearing their hearts. I was nervous, too…I took my time getting my daughter set up with a dvd and a snack, and I still ended up being first to join! πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait for the next one! Blessings on your day, friend!

    And p.s. Totally with you on the close-your-eyes-or-keep-them-open thing…I kinda did half and half. πŸ˜‰

  5. Kristin Hill Taylor

    I totally wondered if you all closed your eyes before you (and then Mel) even commented on that! Obviously we’re all a little concerned with details! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you trusted God and went for it. You’re a good friend to so many.

    1. Mel

      I’m totally cracking up at this…because I peeked. I couldn’t help myself. πŸ™‚ BUT…our pictures were so small that you couldn’t really tell too much. πŸ˜‰


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