A Day in the Life….

How is it Tuesday again already?! If you have been following along with me, Tuesdays are the days that we post as a part of the God Sized Dream Team with Holley Gerth.

Today’s prompt is “What’s a typical day in your life like right now? How can you see God’s hand in the middle of the “small” and ordinary too?”

I don’t have a lot of “extraordinary” in my days…well maybe as far as the world is concerned…..but I think I have a pretty extraordinary family and so most of my day is filled spending time with one or more of them!

I usually get up between 5 and 5:30am.  I start my day by reading through some of the daily devotionals that I get in my inbox – and participating in the Hello Mornings Abounding Hope study.  It is also my time to catch up on some of the blogs that I like to read as well, or write a blog post if I am feeling inspired.

If I am feeling adventurous (which in all honesty I have not recently) I just might do a little workout as well. Last year at this time I was doing so good at this….and then it fell by the wayside!

I am in the shower and getting myself ready before anyone else is up and by 6:30am the rest of the family is getting up as well. (Yes I have some early risers in my home!)  We are all out the door and on our way to school and work by 7:45am.

As many of you know I now work with Dominic, my husband, in his office. So we get to spend the days together. Overall we work well together. I think as I am letting go of some of my own unrealistic expectations of myself, things are going more smoothly! 🙂

We usually come home and have lunch at home (did I say how much I LOVE working 5 minutes from my home?) I do – I love that we are so close to everything we need here (well except family) 🙁 but everything else is within 5 minutes and that is such a change from our last home!

During the day, and depending on the day, I make various trips to and from school and work and daycare etc., “mom taxi” puts on approx. 20 miles every day. Thank you Garmin statistics! 😉

Once the kids are picked up from daycare they are ready for dinner NOW so it is usually a quick meal and then, again depending on the night, there might be a few more taxi trips on the schedule. Tuesday and Thursday Gabriel has karate and Wednesday is Awana, Youth Group and at times Worship Team practice!

Our weekends have been full recently, and if we aren’t working long hours we are trying to make a trip back to SD to visit family! (Or we are missing everything because we have Influenza and colds and fevers) but that’s another story!

The weeks seem to fly by. At times I feel like I am missing too much. I wish I took more photos, I wish I blogged more, wish I played with my kids more. I know that there are other mother’s out there that feel like we are just doing our best to “get by”. Right?!

And while it isn’t always my idea of “perfect”….I know my kids are happy, they feel loved and they are thriving. Some days they may spend more time than they should playing the Kindle (ahem Elijah)….but they know they are a part of a family that loves them.

Today Gabriel asked that I pray for him on the way to school. He has been sick since Tuesday and is still so tired. I love that they know we pray for them and with them. So while my shelves are gathering a little too much dust, and my laundry room has become a permanent “dresser” for all the clean clothes…..in the end that isn’t what matters, is it?

At the end of the day I have a husband who believes in me and my abilities, even when I don’t. I have 4 children who are special and unique and wonderful all in their own ways. We live in a great community and neighborhood….and even though we sometimes make mistakes, we grow from them, and we continue to trust in a God that has been faithful to us (even when we are not faithful in return) and while my blog posts don’t reach millions and I am not making tons any money off of every “click”…I have the opportunity to share my heart in this space…and for all of these things I am truly grateful!

I don’t know that I would choose to change a thing even if I had the chance – well maybe the fact that our cats continue to eat and then vomit up half digested Nerf gun bullets…AND the fact that we still have garland up on our porch posts outside because it has been too cold to take it down (or we have been too lazy) and it is driving me NUTS because it is almost Easter…..but that’s all! 😉

How about you? How do you find reasons to be thankful in the “ordinary”?! If you want to join in the discussion link up with us!


0 thoughts on “A Day in the Life….

  1. Mel

    I love love love this. 🙂 A lot of days I let the dust build up, too…because I’d rather invest in my girl and the now, not something that doesn’t really matter. What a beautiful piece of your heart…thanks for giving me a little look at your day! Sweet friend, may God continue to pour His blessings on you!

  2. Chick Flick Diva

    I think we need to buy you a pair of roller skates 🙂 I don’t know how you do it all but I am so glad we get to share time together. You have been a real encouragement for me over the past few months. Thanks for sharing.


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