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Linking up with Lisa Jo again this week to participate in Five Minute Friday. I love this because it is just a commitment of five minutes of unedited writing….we can all do that can’t we?? So if you haven’t started this series yet…today’s the day! :)

Today’s word is BELOVED – ready, set go –

I will be honest – I almost didn’t post this morning. It was a rough night with our sick little girl and I didn’t sleep much.

When I finally got up I was feeling a little crabby….well a lot crabby! 😉

But i started thinking about the word Beloved for today and what it means….

And I think that my night, laying next to my only daughter while she tossed and turned, coughed and cried, envelops what being beloved is.

My girl is dearly loved…and sometimes as parents we have to show them that love in sacrificial ways.  Even if it means we are tired and crabby in the morning! But she is worth it….they all are!

So while I am weary this morning, I know that she was taken care of.

And I know that God loves me in that same sacrificial way….at times I am sure He grows weary of my tossing and turning about….but He is right there by my side, through the dark….always reminding me that I am His.


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    Linking up with you from Five Minute Friday….your post was such a tender one. Even though my daughter is now 32, married – lives in another town…and is working to be a missionary to Moldova soon….I remember that feeling. Thank you for the blessing today.

  2. The Domestic Fringe

    I hope your little girl starts feeling better real soon. My son was sick this last week too and it’s so hard when they’re not feeling well.

    I pray you get some extra sleep this weekend.

  3. Stefanie

    What a beautiful parallel! I’m so sorry your precious one is sick and you’re so tired. I love the fact, however, your circumstances don’t shut out lessons He wants to teach and reminders He wants to give even in the midst of a struggle.

    Thank you for this word:)

  4. Chick Flick Diva

    Glad you wrote your post today because the way describe God doing things in sacrificial way gave me vision of God sitting right next to me when I’m tossing and turning and trying to figure things out. He is not in the other room but right there next to me. I just need to lean into my Beloved. Thanks for the encouragement this morning. I hope your little cherub feels better and praying God will give you energy to day.

  5. Kristin Hill Taylor

    Hope the crabbiness and sickness has left your house! Your are a dedicate momma, who is doing great and mighty things for your kids, even if the seem so small at the time. Hoping you have a more restful night tonight.

  6. Mel

    I love that you shared this today…and praying that your little girl is feeling better soon! Wishing you a great weekend, maybe one with an extra nap thrown in there. 🙂 Blessings!

  7. Kathy

    During our long hours on the road, we listened to a book on tape about a man who spent years as a child in the foster care system. He was told daily that he was no good and would never amount to anything. His place in the foster home was similar to slavery. Every child should experience the tenderness of a parent’s love just as every person should know how much God loves them.

  8. comealivejenn

    wow.. i loved loved this beautiful post on the word beloved. Incredible. By the way I was able to use your post on mommy guilt the other day to encourage my twin sister. I am so thankful for you. Thank you for asking me how you could pray for me this week to.. that meant a ton. it’s been such a crazy week I did not even take time to answer you but I wanted to thank you so much. What a blessing you are.


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