Five Minute Friday – Again


Linking up with Lisa Jo again this week to participate in Five Minute Friday. I love this because it is just a commitment of five minutes of unedited writing….we can all do that can’t we?? So if you haven’t started this series yet…today’s the day! :)

Today’s word is AGAIN – ready, set go –

I love the idea that you can start your day over again at any time….

Have you ever considered that? That despite the things that come at you throughout the day…that they don’t have to determine what the remainder of your day will be like?

I am a negative girl by nature. I don’t know why but life has a way of stressing me out. It can be little things like the kids being too crazy in the morning, or feeling rushed as we get ready….it will be 8am and I am feeling overwhelmed.

But my loving husband will will remind me that my mornings don’t have shape what that rest of my day will be like. I have the opportunity to start my day over again.

Such a simple idea, but one that I think we don’t utilize often enough. You see, I have high expectations of myself in all things. When I fail (and let me be clear…usually only I think I have failed) I get frustrated…and frustration turns into being harsh with those I love. #fail.

BUT, by using this simple idea, of starting my day over again, I am given the chance to apologize for my shortcomings, accept the grace that is always offered to me…and start my day, at any time, over again.

Thank God for that gift in my life. So wherever you are today, if it isn’t a good place – remember that it can be. Just choose to start again.

0 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Again

  1. Marissa

    Oh I hear you on the overwhelming feelings by 8 am! And it’s probably because I tend to be negative about things, things about myself and my personal attitude that is. I’m positive with others… Anyway, I have often told myself that I should start the day again in order to push aside the negative of a morning and be the me I wished I had been. Thanks for sharing!

  2. comealivejenn

    i love love it.. makes me think of the awesome verse in Lamentations 3:23 How is mercies are NEW every morning!! blessings sister.. hope you have an awesome time with your family this week!

  3. Mel

    Yes…yes, yes, YES. I had one of those days where it felt like I was continually stressed…and found myself apologizing over and over to my little girl. Thank you for the reminder that I can choose for it to be better! Loved this post. Blessings!


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