(in) RL 2013 – Register today!!!

(in)RL 2013

So one of my most favorite sites that I read almost every day, is (in)courage. They have writers and guest bloggers share their faith journey through encouraging posts. They also have fun giveaways, and it is where I signed up to review all of the beautiful Dayspring products that I have in my home!

Last year the women behind (in)courage decided to have a conference…..but they wanted to make it accessible to everyone – so they had an “online” conference of sorts. They encouraged women from across the globe to get together on a Saturday and share life.

I hosted last year and it was so much fun. There were only 4 of us – but we really had some great conversation and just enjoyed spending time with other women.

Well the conference was a hit and they are doing it again this year!

Starting today you can register and become a part of a group in your community. The actual day of the conference is April 27, 2013.

So what’s this conference going to be about?? Well in their own words…
“This year we’re taking a closer look at what it takes to stay rooted in community when sometimes just walking away would be so much easier and tons more convenient.”

Oh and did I mention that it is free this year?! AND if you sign up today you will also get a (in)courage 365 Daybrightenerso don’t wait!! 

Click on the link to watch the video below to learn more…and then register to attend in a community near you!! And if you are in the Marshall area (or want to make a road trip) sign up for the group I have already started!! I would love to host again…but also want to see if it is someone else’s hearts desire to do it first! Either way I will be there and would love to hang with you!!


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