To be seen

I was backing out of the parking lot and looked to my side again and saw her there.  Another woman walking up to the store….somehow I had not seen her when I was getting ready to back up. In honesty, I probably wasn’t paying close enough attention to those around me.

But there she was….and she had stopped to wait for me. Once I saw her I stopped the car, rolled down my window, apologized for not seeing her and waved her by.

As I was driving away I couldn’t help but be struck by the thought that in some way or another, we all want to be seen. Do you know what I mean? That feeling of not wanting to be invisible. Of wanting to “matter”.

I know that there have been times in my life that I have felt that way. Now I am not craving undue attention. But there are those moments, when our hearts are heavy, that we feel invisible and yet just want to be seen.

And I wonder what kind of positive impact we could have on those around us, if we just started “seeing” them.

Making eye contact, waving at our neighbors, talking to people we don’t know….they have all become a lost “art”. We are so self-consumed,rushing to and from every place we go, eyes buried in our phones…

Trust me I am guilty of all of the above!

But today, I was reminded again that it takes very little action on my part, and I might just make someone’s day better.

It can be little things, smiling at the Wal-mart greeter and saying hello, letting someone with less items than you go in front of you, being kind and respectful to everyone you come in contact with….even if they don’t repay the same kindness. 🙂

I am going to try and be more intentional as I go about my day….watching for opportunities to pay someone a kindness. To see them, acknowledge them…even if to make just a little difference in their day.

How about you….are you seeing those around you?

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  1. Chick Flick Diva

    Once again you speak directly to my heart. Girl you might want to put your post into a daily devotional book. (IT WOULD BE A BEST SELLER!) You consistently keep pointing us back to God and I LOVE IT! Keep up the awesome work!


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