God-sized dreams for 2013

Welcome and thank you for stopping by my brand new .com!! 🙂  Some of you may be thinking “doesn’t she have enough on her plate that having a second blog is just too much?!”  You may be right…but I wanted to share how and why I came to this point.

I have been blogging, mostly about my family, over at The Smith Family Journey since 2008.  When I started I barely knew what a blog was….I was first introduced to blogging by Angie Smith and her sweet girl Audrey. Once I started reading her blogs I was “hooked”….I used to journal as a young adult – but had given that up. I didn’t have time, or patience to scrapbook and blogging seemed to accomplish all that I wanted to remember in a quick and easy way.

I love writing. Over the past 5 years I have written hundreds of posts in my head and yet published very few of them. I have followed numerous blogs and been so encouraged by so many faithful women.  I always wanted to do more with my writing – find ways to encourage others – but it has become increasingly more difficult to find the time to do it.

I was not feeling “inspired” and had a tough time deciding what I should write about. The truth is I spend too much time on various social media outlets and not enough time in God’s Word.  I found that when it came to my “faith walk” I didn’t feel like I had a lot to share.

Then came an invitation…..

Holley Gerth, a blogger and writer over at (in)courage sent out a invitation to be considered for a “dream-team” of women looking to understand and pursue the God-sized dreams in each of us.  I was interested and filled out the application and assumed that I probably wouldn’t be chosen.

I love how God works though….whenever I say “it will never, or I will never”….He makes my impossible, possible.  Because of Holley’s passion for encouraging women – a group of 100 beautiful women will be walking together in 2013 on a journey of discovery. And I am honored and thrilled to be able to be a part of it!!

I read one “dreamer” say that it feels so good to be “chosen”.  Funny how much I want to be chosen in this world, and how quickly I forget that I was chosen long ago, by One who had some very special and specific plans for me.

The very start of this process has lead me to the place that I think God wants me to be. A place where I am seeking out His Word, His plan and direction AND being willing to step out in faith in whatever way that might mean.

I felt like one small part of this journey would be to have a place where I could just focus on my writing, focus on my faith walk and be able to be transparent.  To start to seek and discover those dreams that God has in store for me!

I am so excited to begin this journey. To reflect and see all of the ways that He has blessed our family. The riches He has given us are many and I take much of it for granted.  Hopefully part of this discovery will be a renewing of the gratitude I have for all the places He has walked with me and all of the ways He has made beauty from the ashes in my life.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me…..I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us!

0 thoughts on “God-sized dreams for 2013

  1. Lindsey van Niekerk

    Yay for stepping out into your God-sized dream! I am so proud of you….and I don’t even really know you BUT I am on the Dream Team with you! And THIS just makes me so excited!!

    Happy dreaming, new friend!

  2. Delonna

    You are such a beautiful writer. Like Holley always says, I feel like we were sitting down over a cup of coffee as I read your post. Thank you for walking out on faith and embracing this God size dream. Please continue to allow us to walk this journey with you.

  3. Kim Hall (

    Much of what you write resonates with me, Kristin, especially the part about hundreds of posts in your head but not actually written and published. That’s where I began. 🙂 I struggled, too, in the beginning, about what to share. I think that the more you write, even if it’s just in a journal for yourself, your writing style and substance will begin to take shape-your writing is already engaging, so you are in a great place.

    I also found that asking in my prayers what it is I am supposed to share was always a BIG help, especially as I saw myself as an empty vessel to be filled by God, and then full of refreshment to be poured out to others in need of what I had to offer. It allowed me to let go of my fear (for the most part :-)) of “What will I possibly write about? Won’t I run out of ideas? What if nobody reads it?”

    1. Kristin Post author

      Yes Kim – you nailed it there! I love the idea about praying about it….there were times I thought maybe I should write something…but when I felt hesitation I felt like it just was more for me and not God…but praying for discernment is a great start!!

  4. livingjoel225

    Love this!! Congrats on this new blog and for stepping into God’s plan for you!! So happy to be on the team together! : )

  5. Jacque Watkins

    So nice to “meet” you Kristen!! And I’m joining you in giving thanks for the places He has walked me through and how He really does turn ashes into beauty. Blessings to you!

    1. Kristin Post author

      Jacque – thanks for stopping over! Nice to meet you too!! 🙂 It is amazing to me all the ways that we have been changed through refining….and while at the time I didn’t appreciate it much….I can now look back and see how much stronger I am today because of it! A good reminder for me to give thanks in all things!

  6. Mom

    So excited to see what God has in store for you on this journey. We have always thought you are a gifted writer and are happy that you have been chosen for this experience. This will be the start of something big!

  7. Lisa

    Beautiful post! I can totally relate with what you said, “I have written hundreds of posts in my head and yet published very few of them.” Keep up the great writing! So excited to see where God will take us on this journey 🙂


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