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31 Days of Seeking Him – Begin

31 Days of Seeking Him

So if you are a part of the #FiveMinuteFriday group you know that the actual word for this last Friday in October was bacon…but with everything in me I just had nothing to write…and so I decided to break the mold once again and choose a different word. šŸ™‚ I’m a rebel like that!

But it seemed fitting considering my week. Because the past few days I have been grateful for the opportunity to begin again.

It has been interesting to me that through the course of this series I have found that my own words have ministered to me just at the right time. Words that I know God gave me over a month ago. Words that spilled out furiously over the course of a weekend away….words I could not have imagined would speak to me.

But they have.

In a moment this week when I just wanted to give up, I found my post on hope and was reminded that even in this midst of a storm we can begin again.

I can choose how I want to respond, even if it is hard. So often I want to run away, especially when the problems I encounter are my own doing. But God is faithful, I really have seen it time and time again.

I remembered a saying that an old friend once told me, that we could begin our day over again at any time. We don’t have to let our circumstances define our entire day. We can choose joy, we can seek hope. We can start over.

This week has been a week of new starts, of recommitment to seeking God and allowing him toĀ heal those parts of me that are still so broken.

There is so much work to still be done in this heart of mine, but I am willing and ready to allow God to do a new work in me. It begins with me, with me being open to His guidance. It begins with me recognizing that I can’t manage my own life. I need God, every moment of every day.

Beyond these words, and this series I am seeing how much I need to constantly seek God. Asking to see life through His eyes, to love people as He would and to trust Him with each moment of my day.

It isn’t a new idea, that’s for sure…but it is pretty exciting to be at this place of new beginnings.


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31 Days of Seeking Him – Grace

31 Days of Seeking Him

Today’s post is going to be a little rogue…you see the wonderful ladies over at Five Minute Friday who have given me the word prompts for this month long series won’t be releasing this Friday’s word until later tonight (Thursday). The hitch is that I am going to be in the car when the word is released because we are headingĀ out to visit Isaac for the first time at college!

So I was trying to decide what I was going to do. My access to WIFI over the next 2 days will be limited so I thought for this post I would pick my own word. (Rule breaker I know!!) But for some extra fun I enlisted the help of my kids. I explained why I needed a word and asked them to each give me one and then we would vote on which word to use.

Karlena said Purple – which if you have been following along, I just wrote about.

Gabriel said Land – that one could be pretty challenging don’t you think?!

Elijah said Grace – well actually he said God’s Amazing Grace, which yes is 3 words, but they are pretty good ones so he gets a pass this time! šŸ˜‰

We voted and they unanimously chose Grace.

I seem to be needing a lot of grace here recently.

Some days are better than others, but let’s be honest, I am a hot mess most days.

I feel more aware than ever how incredible this unconditional love that God has for meĀ is.

Us a fallen people, rebellious and ungrateful…yet with grace and mercy and filled with love, God sent His Son as a sacrifice for us all so that we could spend eternity with Him.

I seriously don’t think that I will ever tire of writing and re-writing those truths.

I want them to sink in deep into my soul.

I want to live my days filled with joy because of all that God has done for me.

I am desperate to grasp tightly to this grace gift and spend my life filled with a gratitude at all He is to me.

Yes my Elijah had it right…God’s Amazing Grace. How amazing it is indeed.

If I am spending my days seeking God, I am fully aware of this grace that He has poured out on me. And I walk forward filled with a gratefulness that changes my entire perspective.

What a gift this grace is, what a gift.

31 Days of Seeking Him – Family

31 Days of Seeking Him

It has been almost a week since we gathered together to celebrate a man who has had such an impact on our entire family.

My grandpa passed away suddenly a little over a week ago. It was a shock to all of us and while the weekend was filled with tears and the reality of our loss, it was also filled with precious time with family.

We found places to sit in all corners of my grandma’s home. Voices filled the air, sharing stories about grandpa and also about their own lives. The young kids found joy in playing with one another and giggled in the depths of the “hidey hole” under the stairs.

I met the husband of one cousin for the first time and heard stories of another who is teaching in Columbia.

We ate good food and celebrated family. It wasn’t the reasonĀ we had hoped to gather together, but we didn’t waste an opportunity to soak it all in.

We didn’t take a single picture. I had good intention to do so, but the reality was we just spent those hours doing life together. We don’t have a physical picture to remember the time but instead we createdĀ memories that will last a lifetime.

They are a gift.

I haven’t always appreciated taking the time to gather in that way. When we lose someone we love it is easy to feel guilty about all the opportunities missed. My husband had said just a month ago or so that we should take a trip up to visit my grandparents….he said we neverĀ know how much time we have left. We had no idea how true that statement would be.

We never made time for the trip and I wish we would have. But instead of focusing on those regrets that we can’t change now, we made the most of the time that we had together in that moment.

It is a honor to be a part of this family, this legacy of love and faith.

God brought us together and I was so aware of the strong family of faith that we have as a result. It is my prayer that I might carry on that legacy in my own family. It is why seeking after Him with my whole heart is so important.

My mom said it herself that my grandpa was a man that sought after God every day. Even in his death he wanted the focus of his funeral to be on God and not what he did…but all that God did.

Seeking God in our daily lives can have a lasting impact on our family. And the blessings that come from that faith are such a gift.